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The Top 5 McGraw-Hill Blog Posts of 2016

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Happy New Year to all of our readers! As we move on to new topics and educational trends in 2017, we’d like to take a moment to reflect on 2016. Below, you’ll find our top five blogs from last year. If you don’t have a lot of time to digest all of our content, we thought maybe you could start with these five popular posts.

  1. Terry Fox Facts, Achievements & Accomplishments – This blog was inspired by the annual Terry Fox Run and, of course, Terry Fox himself. Since Terry is such an iconic Canadian figure, we wanted to celebrate his life and achievements. In addition, we included a downloadable fill-in-the-blanks worksheet that could be shared with your students.
  2. Adaptive Learning Series: The Role of Deliberate Practice in Education – This year, we wanted to shed some light on adaptive learning. For this blog, we focused on deliberate practice, a theory developed by K. Anders Ericsson. Do you know how many hours you need to practice in order to become an expert? Find out in this blog!
  3. What Does a Flipped Classroom Look Like? – The flipped classroom has been trending for a while now. That’s why we decided to write this blog to break down what the flipped classroom is, how it works and what the future has in store for it.
  4. What is Learning Science? – Our first blog from our Applied Learning Sciences Team was a hit! The goal of this blog was to provide a description of what learning science means, the theory behind it and why it’s important for the future of learning and to our company.
  5. Adaptive Learning Series: Blended Learning Research & Approach in Higher Education – Using different forms of digital media in conjunction with face-to-face learning is becoming more commonly seen in the classroom. This blog covers just that – a blended learning approach to learning in higher education.

This year, we look forward to creating more inspirational content for our readers to help you learn more about your teaching style and the needs of your students.

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