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If you have technical questions about your computerized test bank, call the Brownstone Research Group toll-free at 1-888-433-4879 or email support@brownstone.net. The Brownstone website provides an online support form at www.brownstone.net/educators/contact_support.asp.

Handy Brownstone Computer Test Bank Tips
Following are some tips and tricks for some common CTB tasks:

    To Edit an Existing Exam File:

    • Open Diploma Exam
    • Find Exam on right-hand side of screen
    • Click on "Edit" at top
    • Go to "Questions" and select "Add/Move"
    • This will allow you to edit an existing Exam File

    To Provide Additional Information in your Answer Key for all Exams:

    • Open Diploma Exam
    • Move the Exam to the right-hand side of the screen to edit (as above)
    • Below Exam, click on "Preview"
    • Click "Layout"
    • Go to the "Answer Key" Tab
    • Select what information you would like on the Answer Key
    • Click the "Default" box.
    • This will give you such information as the level of difficulty, type of question, page reference and the answer.

    To Save an Existing Exam to a Word File on your C-Drive:

    • Open Diploma Exam
    • Select Exam
    • At the top, click on "File"
    • Go to "Export" and select RTF (Rich Text Format)
    • This will allow you to save your Exam in Diploma in your C-Drive
    • Then, find your file in Windows Explorer (defaults to C/Diploma in the cndnrgnz folder under the name you have given your Exam)
    • Click on the File. This will bring up a screen that allows you to save the file to the format you want. Click on the program that you want to use to open the file. Save it to the any folder you wish in your C-Drive.


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