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Fourth Edition
Steven L. McShane

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Chapter 6: Perception and Personality in Organizations

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    Personality Assessment of Jung's Psychological Types
    PURPOSE: This self-assessment is designed to help you estimate your psychological type within Jung's model.
    INSTRUCTIONS: Select the word in each pair that most appeals to you or that seems most characteristic of you. In some cases, both words may appeal to you or seem characteristic of you; in others, neither word may seem characteristic of you or be appealing. Nonetheless, please try to indicate which word in each pair you prefer. Work across the page (i.e., begin with the top row and move across) and answer as quickly as possible. As a rule of thumb, trust your first impression. After completing this exercise, click the 'Score' button for an evaluation.

    loud quiet realistic intuitive convincing touching systematic flexible
    active reflective blueprint dream objective subjective     methodical curious
    gregarious private details pattern head heart organized spontaneous
    outgoing reserved sensible imaginative just humane deliberate improvising
    sociable detached     practical creative principle passion exacting impulsive
    external internal present future fair tender definite tolerant
    do think factual symbolic clarity harmony decisive open minded
    speak write specific general reason emotion plan adapt
    talk read formula hunch professional warm control freedom

    Source: B.L. Dilla, G.J. Curphy, R.L. Hughes, R.C. Ginnett, and K.A. Ashley, Instructor's Manual to Accompany Leadership: Enhancing the Lessons of Experience (Homewood, IL: Irwin, 1993).


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