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Returns Policy

McGraw-Hill Ryerson Returns Policy
This policy applies to books, packages, kits and multimedia.
All other products are non-returnable unless otherwise noted in the sections below.

Date of Purchase

  • Bookstore, library, school, college, university, or wholesaler returns eligibility is 12 months from date of invoice.
  • An individual’s returns eligibility is 30 days from the date of invoice.
  • Please contact Customer Service in writing for an extension request.
  • When sending back returns, please ensure a copy of your extension request is attached.
Medical Division Returns Policy
  • All conditions of the McGraw-Hill Ryerson Returns Policy applies to medical books except:
    • All medical books are returnable for the life of the edition.

Eligibility for Returns
  • On custom publications (i.e. products that have been specially produced for your use), we will only accept returns for up to 10% of the total quantity invoiced. This clause will cover PRIMIS, Keep In Print Program (KIPP), and other custom products.
  • Multimedia, including but not limited to software in the form of floppy discs, CD-ROMs, DVDs, videos, audiotapes, and audio
    CD’s, including PIN codes for Internet access, must be returned shrink-wrapped or with the sealed packaging intact.
School Division Returns Policy
  • All conditions of the McGraw-Hill Ryerson Returns Policy applies to school books except:
  • All custom iLit books are non returnable
  • A copy of the original invoice must accompany all returns.
  • If a copy of the original invoice is not available, the invoice number must be quoted including the quantity, purchase price and discount.
  • Prior authorization is not required.
Condition of Product
  • Product must be returned in a new, unmarked, and saleable condition.
  • Shop-soiled product, product with prices or which indicate a customer’s name, sticker, or stamp, or products that are rendered un-saleable will not be accepted for credit and will be returned to you collect.
Damaged or Defective Product
  • All damaged and defective product must be reported within 10 days of receipt.
  • Please contact Customer Service at 1-800-565-5758 to report damaged or defective books.
Product Supplied in Error
  • Product supplied in error may be returned subject to being in a re-saleable condition. Please contact Customer Service within 10
    days of receipt of product at 1-800-565-5758 to arrange for pick-up.
Shrink-wrapped Packages and Kits
  • Products that are deemed “packages” and which are sold as kits will only be accepted for credit if they are returned in their
    original, unopened packaging.
  • Incomplete packages or kits will not be accepted for credit and will be returned to you collect.
Out of Print Books
  • A 90 day period of acceptance will be provided from the date that the product is declared Out-of-Print (OP) after which time OP product will not be accepted for credit and will be returned to you collect.
Credit Balance Refund Policy
  • If your account is in a credit balance, refunds will only be made after a request has been received in writing by eligible customers.
  • For customers who do business on a regular basis, you are not eligible for a refund and your credit balance will remain on your account and applied against future purchases.
Returns Instructions
How Books are to be Returned
  • All shipments are to be prepaid via a traceable method to ensure proof of delivery.
  • McGraw-Hill Ryerson will not assume responsibility for non-traceable shipments lost in transit.
  • Returns are made at the risk and expense of the shipper.
  • Ensure that the carton contains sufficient packing material and is securely fastened.
  • All books should be accompanied by a packing list and a copy of the original invoice(s), stating:
    • Total number of cartons,
    • Quantity of each title – designated by ISBN,
    • Full name and address of sender,
    • If an Extension has been granted, the return must include a copy of authorized extension request.
  • The carton containing the packing list must be marked “Packing List Enclosed.”
  • Each carton must be numbered to indicate the total number of cartons in the shipment (e.g. “1 of 3″, “2 of 3″, “3 of 3″).
  • Please address shipments to:

    McGraw-Hill Ryerson
    6685 Kennedy Road, Door #19
    Mississauga, ON L5T 3A5.
  • For Additional Assistance please contact Customer Service at 1-800-565-5758
Return Policy (pdf, 50 K)