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Critical Thinking: A Student's Introduction

© 2011
by Gregory Bassham William Irwin Henry Nardone James Wallace

4th Edition Active, In-Print 544 Pages Softcover
9780073407432 0073407437
This popular text helps today's students bridge the gap between everyday culture and critical thinking. Using a proven step-by-step approach, this text covers all the basics of critical thinking, in clear, reader-friendly language. Its comprehensiveness allows instructors to tailor the material to their individual teaching styles, resulting in an exceptionally versatile text.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Critical Thinking

Chapter 2: Recognizing Arguments

Chapter 3: Basic Logical Concepts

Chapter 4: Language

Chapter 5: Logical Fallacies--1

Chapter 6: Logical Fallacies--2

Chapter 7: Analyzing Arguments

Chapter 8: Evaluating Arguments and Truth Claims

Chapter 9: A Little Categorical Logic

Chapter 10: A Little Propositional Logic

Chapter 11: Inductive Reasoning

Chapter 12: Finding, Evaluating and Using Sources

Chapter 13: Writing Argumentative Essays

Chapter 14: Thinking Critically about the Media

Chapter 15: Science and Pseudoscience

New to this Edition

Additional readings and essays in a new Appendix, as well as in Chapters 7 and 8, nearly double the number of readings available for critical analysis and classroom discussion.

Chapter 12 features an expanded and reorganized discussion of evaluating Internet sources.

An online chapter, available on the instructor portion of the book's Web site, addresses critical reading, a vital skill for success in college and beyond.

New and updated exercises and examples throughout the text allow students to practice and apply what they learn.

An updated Online Learning Center offers a wealth of additional teaching and learning resources, including multiple choice and true-or-false quizzes; chapter outlines; and PowerPoint tutorials for students; as well as an instructor's manual and PowerPoint lecture notes for instructors.

To purchase an electronic eBook version of this title, visit www.CourseSmart.com (ISBN 0-07-730447-0).

Retained Features

Features comprehensive pedagogy including marginal quotes and boxed passages, "Pop Culture Connection" boxes, essays for analysis in Chapters 7 and 8, and hundreds of exercises and examples throughout the book.

Offers an accessible approach to the treatment of vagueness and ambiguity.

Provides greatly expanded support resources on the book's web site including an extensive Instructor's Manual.

Includes thousands of interesting--and often humorous--class-tested exercises and examples, many drawn from contemporary sources to help students become better critical thinkers.

Uses clear, systematic discussions of critical thinking standards and dispositions, as well as coverage of psychological impediments to critical thinking to help students develop their skills.

Emphasizes active, collaborative learning.

Provides a clear and detailed discussion of the distinction between deductive and inductive reasoning.

Takes a strong focus on writing, with complete chapters on using and evaluating sources and on writing argumentative essays.

Stresses real-world applications, with many examples from popular culture, as well as complete chapters on thinking critically about the media and on distinguishing science from pseudoscience.

What you need, where you need it.

Instructor Resources

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Student Resources

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