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Fundamentals of Canadian Business Law, 2nd Ed. with iStudy Access Card

© 2010
by John A. Willes, John H. Willes

2nd Edition 528 Pages Mixed media product
9780071050401 007105040X
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The key words for this text are: "clear, concise, and relevant." Most students taking this course are not going to be lawyers and therefore the emphasis is on a strong business orientation. Key features and competitive advantages include additional core topics such as risk management, negligence, and intellectual property. Case material has also been integrated into each chapter to illustrate the key topics and is presented in summary format as well as in hypothetical examples. Numerous features within the text demonstrate business law to students in a real world context. This text will assist and guide the entrepreneurial student who is aiming to start a business and needs the legal knowledge to avoid pitfalls.

Part I Legal Fundamentals

Chapter 1 Law and the Legal System

Chapter 2 Tort Law

Chapter 3 Formation of a Valid Contract

Chapter 4 Enforceability of Contractual Rights

Chapter 5 Performance and Breach of Contract

Part II Business Organizations and Employment

Chapter 6 Sole Proprietorship, Agency, and Partnership

Chapter 7 Corporation Law

Chapter 8 Employment Law

Part III Business Relationships

Chapter 9 Sale of Goods and Consumer Protection Law

Chapter 10 Law of Banking and Negotiable Instruments

Chapter 11 Law of Credit and Finance

Part IV Property Rights

Chapter 12 Bailment and Insurance Law

Chapter 13 Real Estate Law

Chapter 14 Intellectual Property—Patent, Trademark, Copyright, and Franchising Law

Part V Special Topics

Chapter 15 Competition Law and Environmental Law

Chapter 16 International Business Law



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New to this Edition

The text adopts a goal-oriented approach to the law, with clear Learning Goals leading the way as each chapter opens. Learning Goal Reviews are positioned after discussions of major topics, giving the student an immediate window on the progression of his or her understanding. Chapter-End Summaries provide synthesis and additional reinforcement, affording an opportunity for self-assessment through review questions.

Scope, depth, interest, and debate are further fuelled through special features: Case Law Summaries, Business Law in Practice, Media Reports, and Business Ethics boxes. Tying it all together Discussion Questions and Discussion Case Problems not only provide review but also drive home the application of legal principles and rules to business problems. The legal principles covered in each chapter are supported by numerous examples that clearly illustrate the law and its application to real life situations.

Covering the full span of business law in the everyday commercial world, the text is divided into five parts. Part I – Legal Fundamentals, introduces the law and the legal system as well as the basic relationships of tort and contract law. Part II – Business Organizations and Employment, examines the various forms of business organization open to entrepreneurs, and their fundamental relationship with employees. Part III – Business Relationships, deepens student understanding of the commercial relationship, covering sale of goods and consumer protection, banking and negotiable instruments, credit and finance, and bailment and insurance. Part IV – Property Rights, addresses two angles: real estate as well as intellectual property and franchises. Part V – Special Topics, outlines government regulation of business, focused on competition law, environmental law and the international business dimension

Business Focus – The text is written with a strong business orientation. Cases and examples are written from a business perspective.

Accessibility - The text is written specifically for the college level student and combines real world illustration along with the critical legal theory. Jargon has been kept to a minimum with a focus on what these students absolutely need to know to be successful in their business careers.

Case Material - Case material is woven into each chapter to illustrate key topics. Case material is presented in a summary format as well as through hypothetical examples and end of chapter discussion questions incorporate comprehensive Cases wherever possible.

Strong Pedagogy - The comprehensive nature of the pedagogical elements aid students understanding of the topics and demonstrates to students both business law in the real world as well as reinforcing issues that need to be considered.
The following features are included in the text to highlight content or illustrate the law and business-related issues:
- Ask A Lawyer– small introductory vignette with a question launches each chapter (except for Chapter 1).
- Learning Goals – clearly outline the objectives of each chapter.
- Learning Goals Review– provided at intervals throughout the chapter to reinforce key content areas.
- Your Business At Risk – new to this edition, these boxes present risks to watch for in the business world.

Features con't

- Examples - practical examples are integrated throughout the chapter.
- Business Ethics box- showcase examples of situations where ethics are an issue.
- Media Report box – highlight up-to-date media examples.
- Case Law box - these feature boxes include cases with a strong business focus.
- Business Law in Practice box – enables students to understand legal principles.
- Summaries – the summary at the end of each chapter reviews the important concepts of that chapter.
- Discussion Questions and Cases – true to life and relevant material at an appropriate level for the college student

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