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Business Statistics in Practice with Connect Access Card, Second Canadian Edition

© 2011
by Bruce Bowerman Richard O'connell Julie Aitken Schermer James Adcock

2nd Edition Active, In-Print Hardcover with access card
9780071091404 0071091408
Business Statistics in Practice emphasizes the importance of using statistical techniques in support of business decision making and business improvement. Using engaging and relevant Canadian examples, Bowerman delivers clear and understandable explanations of business statistics theory and concepts. It then applies these concepts with examples and cases that reinforce how statistical techniques are being used in practice and why these support decision making and help improve business processes. Bowerman also provides students with a wealth of opportunities to practise business statistics concepts with its wide range of exercises both within and at the end of each chapter.

New to the second Canadian edition, every copy of Business Statistics in Practice includes access to Connect - McGraw-Hill's innovative online study and testing program. In addition to a fully integrated eBook, personalized study plan, and study resources, Connect also includes Visual Statistics (a tool to explore statistical concepts from a graphical perspective) and algorithmic problems within the homework assessment tool. This fully integrated solution helps students master the concepts, practise problems, and ultimately achieve success in business statistics.

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Business Statistics

Chapter 2: Descriptive Statistics

Chapter 3: Probability

Chapter 4: Discrete Random Variables

Chapter 5: Continuous Random Variables

Chapter 6: Sampling Distributions

Chapter 7: Confidence Intervals

Chapter 8: Hypothesis Testing

Chapter 9: Statistical Inferences Based on Two Samples

Chapter 10: Experimental Design and Analysis of Variance

Chapter 11: Correlation Coefficient and Simple Linear Regression

Chapter 12: Multiple Regression

Chapter 13: Nonparametric Methods

Chapter 14: Chi-Square Tests

Chapter 15: Decision Theory

Chapter 16: Time Series Forecasting

Chapter 17: Process Improvement Using Control Charts

Appendix A Statistical Tables Answers to Most Odd-Numbered Exercises References

Online Appendices:

Appendix B (Part 1): Counting Rules; (Part 2): The Hypergeometric Distribution Appendix C (Part 1): The Normal Probability Plot; (Part 2): Properties of the Mean and the Variance of a Random Variable, and the Covariance; (Part 3): Derivations of the Mean and Variance of x and p Appendix D: Holt-Winters? Models Appendix E (Part 1): Stratified Random Sampling; (Part 2): Cluster Sampling and Ratio Estimation Appendix F: Using Matrix Algebra to Perform Regression Calculations Appendix G: The Regression Approach to Two-Way Analysis of Variance Appendix H: Factor Analysis, Cluster Analysis, and Multidimensional Scaling Appendix I: The Box-Jenkins Methodology Appendix K: Individual Charts
Retained Features

Canadian content. Relevant Canadian content, in examples, cases, exercises and data sets, helps to engage students and reinforce the importance of using statistical techniques in the Canadian business environment.

Business improvement emphasis. Bowerman motivates students by showing how the use of statistical techniques in support of business decision-making helps to improve business processes.

Depth and breadth of exercises. One of the primary challenges students face in learning business statistics is their need to get enough "good? questions with which to practice the concepts. Bowerman offers a wealth of exercises that vary in approach and level. "Concepts? and "Methods and Applications? questions can be found at the end of each section, while Supplementary Exercises at the end of each chapter include problems and internet exercises.

Continuous case studies. Business Statistics in Practice offers features a variety of continuous cases that integrate different statistical concepts that span groups of chapters.

Excel coverage. Recognizing the importance of spreadsheets and statistical software due to its usage in the real-world, the authors continue to integrate Excel output throughout the text.

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