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Psychology: Frontiers and Applications + Connect w/eText

© 2011
by Michael Passer Ronald Smith Michael Atkinson John Mitchell Darwin Muir

4th Edition Active, In-Print 864 Pages Hardcover with access card
9780071091442 0071091440

Psychology: Frontiers and Applications is one of the most popular Introductory Psychology texts in Canada for a reason. The text strikes a balance between scientific integrity and student friendliness, introducing students to psychology as a science while highlighting its relevance to their lives and society. The Fourth Canadian Edition includes expanded content on thought, language, and intelligence; a brighter, more engaging design; and an improved conceptual framework with a clearer emphasis on the relations between biological, psychological, and environmental levels of analysis.

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Chapter 1: Psychology: The Science of Behaviour

Chapter 2: Studying Behaviour Scientifically

Chapter 3: Biological Foundations of Behaviour

Chapter 4: Genes, Evolution, and Behaviour

Chapter 5: Sensation and Perception

Chapter 6: States of Consciousness

Chapter 7: Learning and Adaptation: The Role of Experience

Chapter 8: Memory

Chapter 9: Language and Thought

Chapter 10: Intelligence

Chapter 11: Motivation and Emotion

Chapter 12: Development over the Life Span

Chapter 13: Behaviour in a Social Context

Chapter 14: Personality

Chapter 15: Stress, Health, and Coping

Chapter 16: Psychological Disorders

Chapter 17: Treatment of Psychological Disorders

Appendix A: Statistics in Psychology Credits Glossary References Name Index Subject Index
New to this Edition

New Look: Completely re-designed, the Fourth Canadian Edition is brighter and more colourful.

New Chapter: Thought, Language, and Intelligence have been divided into two separate chapters to allow for expansion of these important topics.

New Focus on Research Design in Every Chapter: New Research Design diagrams illustrate the design of the study featured in each chapter's Research Foundations box.

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Retained Features

Focus on Scientific Psychology: Throughout the book, psychology is portrayed as a contemporary science without becoming excessively formal or terminological. The text focuses both on principles derived from research and on the methods by which good research is conducted.

Focus on Neuroscience boxes highlight how rapidly developing cutting-edge technology is paving the way for groundbreaking imaging studies that give new insights into the workings of the human brain and its relationship to behaviour.

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Instructor Resources

McGraw-Hill Ryerson provides centralized online access to our supplemental resources. Many of our in-class solutions are supported by superior teaching aids like presentation ready PowerPoint slides, instructor's manuals, test banks, videos, and more. Text book supplements are accessible through the online McGraw-Hill Connect™ platform. Titles currently not supported by Connect are available via text specific Online Learning Centres.

Student Resources

McGraw-Hill Ryerson textbooks go beyond the traditional print format to include a comprehensive digital solution for students. Our key print titles include no charge access to the eBook and corresponding online study program. The eStore provides a full selection of McGraw-Hill textbooks along with information on the specific study program provided with each textbook. In most cases, you will also have the option go digital and save by purchasing an access card for a separate eBook and online study program.
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