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Nutrition for Healthy Living + CONNECT w/eText

© 2011
by Wendy Schiff, Matthew Durant

1st Edition 608 Pages Mixed media product
9780071091459 0071091459
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Helping students become better informed consumers, particularly in relation to food and nutrition, is the foundation of Nutrition for Healthy Living. Students will not only learn the basic principles of nutrition; they will learn to critically evaluate various sources of nutritional information and to apply sound practices to improve their diet and health. This distinct consumer focus flows throughout the textbook by providing students with practical information, critical thinking skills, and the scientific foundation needed to make informed nutritional lifestyle choices well beyond the classroom.

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New to this Edition

Maintaining the structure, approach, and detail of the U.S. edition, the most notable change for the Canadian edition is the infusion of Canadian content, including: Addition of Canadian information in various Did You Know? boxes. Integration of Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide – visuals and recommendations – throughout the text. Addition of Canadian statistics throughout the chapters, including rates of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, lactose intolerance, osteoporosis, fibre intake, daily energy intake, lipid consumption, vitamin consumption, and leading causes of death in Canada.

The “ABC” Approach: B = Brief Organization: Structured into 13 chapters, the text can easily be covered within one semester. Instead of separate chapters on different life-cycles, the text contains one chapter devoted to all key life stages. Topics such as global nutrition, alcohol abuse, and eating disorders do not constitute their own chapter near the end of the text; instead, these topics are presented in “Highlight” sections of appropriate chapters. Nutrition for Healthy Living follows a more traditional approach to the study of nutrition in that its organization focuses on nutrients rather than certain tissues or diseases.

The “ABC” Approach: C = Consumer Focus: Chapter 2, “Evaluating Nutrition Information,” presents a practical introduction to becoming an informed consumer of nutrition and nutrition-related information. This unique chapter provides basic information concerning scientific research and a thorough discussion of how to evaluate nutrition- and health-related sources and messages. The consumer emphasis is also integrated in the narrative and pedagogical tools throughout the text.

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Connect embraces diverse study behaviours and preferences with breakthrough features that help students master course content and achieve better results. The powerful course management tool in Connect also offers a wide range of exclusive features that help instructors spend less time managing and more time teaching.

Retained Features

The “ABC” Approach: A = Accessible Science: Becoming knowledgeable about Nutrition requires a certain level of understanding of scientific principles. Nutrition for Healthy Living recognizes the importance of introducing such principles in a manner that all students – Nutrition majors and non-majors – can understand. By doing so, the text provides students with a foundation of nutritional science that they can apply to make informed, practical choices in their daily lives.

Focus on Assessment and Evaluation: Each chapter is structured around student Learning Outcomes. Additional pedagogical features, such as Quiz Yourself, Concept Checkpoints, Critical Thinking questions, and Practice Test sections, enable students to assess their acquisition and understanding of chapter content.

Concept Checkpoint: At the end of each major chapter section, Concept Checkpoints pose 2-10 review questions, many of which involve critical thinking skills. Students can access the answers to these questions within the Course-wide section of CONNECT.

Food & Nutrition Tips: Interspersed throughout the chapters, these Tip boxes present practical suggestions that apply chapter content and provide students with information they can use every day. Examples include tips for adding calcium to your diet, staying hydrated, and keeping foods safe to eat.

Recipes for Healthy Living: Each chapter includes at least one easy-to-make, kitchen-tested recipe. Each recipe presents information about the energy and key nutrients per serving, as well as a pie chart displaying the percentages of energy from carbohydrate, protein, and fat.

Key Terms and Pronunciation Guide: Key terms are indicated throughout the chapters using bold font, with definitions provided in the margins.

Real People, Real Stories: One-page features narrate real-life cases about people who have recovered from or who are currently living with nutrition-related conditions.

Highlight: These detailed sections bring special health topics into each chapter, rather than relegating them to a single chapter near the end of the book. Examples include disordered eating, alcohol abuse, and global hunger.

Readability: The text's writing style is clear and technically accurate, yet engaging and easy-to-read. The quantity and length of boxed features are brief, so as not to disrupt the flow of content.

Visual Appeal: For visual learners, the text includes many vibrant photos and illustrations, as well as creative page layouts. This is a very attractive book!

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