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Operations and Supply Management: The Core

© 2010
by F. Robert Jacobs Richard Chase

2nd Edition Active, In-Print 544 Pages Hardcover
9780073403335 0073403334

Jacobs and Chase continue to lead the field of Operations Management with cutting edge up-to-date content, technology, and motivation. Now, in this Second Edition Jacobs and Chase focus on the core concepts of operations and supply management. This condensed text was constructed with sections on the four essential core areas'strategy, process management, supply chain management, and inventory and control (supply and demand planning). This set of four core areas was first suggested by a panel of OM instructor's at the Decision Science Institute meeting, and has been verified by market research which examined course syllabi from across the US. The Second Edition provides increased emphasis on supply management concepts, integrates sustainability as a strategic consideration, and includes updated company applications, problems, and cases.

Operations and Supply Management: The Core, Second Edition

Strategy and Sustainability

Chapter 1: Operations and Supply Chain Management

Chapter 2: Strategy and Sustainability

Manufacturing and Service Processes

Chapter 3: Strategic Capacity Management

Chapter 4: Production Processes

Chapter 5: Service Processes

Chapter 6: Quality Management and Six-sigma

Chapter 7: Projects

Supply Chain Processes

Chapter 8: Global Sourcing and Procurement

Chapter 9: Location, Logistics and Distribution

Chapter 10: Lean and Sustainable Supply Chains

Supply and Demand Planning

Chapter 11: Demand Management and Forecasting

Chapter 12: Aggregate Operations Planning

Chapter 13: Inventory Control

Chapter 14: Material Requirements Planning


A. Linear Programming Using the Excel Solver

B. Learning Curves

C. Answers to Selected Problems

D. Present Value Table

E. Negative Exponential Distribution

F. Areas of the Cumulative Standard Normal Distribution

New to this Edition

  • Strengthened Supply Chain Management Material: This is particularly true in the areas of purchasing and strategic sourcing, and in lean supply chain analysis.
  • Sustainability Coverage: Sustainability is introduced in Chapter One and then is a major component of the Strategy chapter (Chapter 2). Sustainability has been woven into the book in several areas including quality management and value stream mapping, purchasing and global sourcing, and lean supply chain analysis.
  • Reorganization Based on Input from Users: The authors split out the Strategy material from the first chapter and created a new chapter 2 focused on Strategy and Sustainability. Another change was to move Project Management from Chapter 2 to Chapter 6, within the `Process Management? section.
  • End of Chapter "Super Quiz?: Designed to allow students to see how well they understand the material using a format that is similar to what they might see in an exam. The super quiz includes many `straight forward? review questions, but also has a selection which `test? for mastery and integration/application level understanding, i.e. the kind of questions that make an exam challenging. The super quizzes include short answers at the bottom so students can see how they perform.
  • Screencam Tutorials--Step-by-Step Workthrough of the Text Examples. These ScreenCam tutorials are intended to serve as an always available detailed review of the analytics within the text. They will be available free to students on the text Web site.
  • High Interest Company Coverage: They include Apple, GE, Toshiba, Harley-Davidson, FedEx, Wal-Mart and many more.
  • Test Bank questions have been tagged with Bloom's Taxonomy and the applicable AACSB area making it easier to tie assessment to student learning outcomes.

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      Connect Features available with this title:
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      • Test Bank
      • Algorithmically Generated Test Bank
      • Instructor Resources
      • Tegrity

Retained Features

  • Up-to-date coverage of Supply Chain Management, Enterprise Resource Management, Six-Sigma, and Lean Manufacturing--the topics that companies focus on today.
  • Boxes featuring best practices at real companies
  • Engaging short cases featuring real companies such as Toshiba, IKEA, Sony and interesting exercises.
  • Internet Beer Game and E-OPS Game are popular with instructors and students.
  • Concise: Covers all the core concepts of OM in 14 short chapters. The second edition is approximately 550 pages.
  • Balance of quantitative and qualitative material, as well as the examples from manufacturing and services

What you need, where you need it.

Instructor Resources

McGraw-Hill Ryerson provides centralized online access to our supplemental resources. Many of our in-class solutions are supported by superior teaching aids like presentation ready PowerPoint slides, instructor's manuals, test banks, videos, and more. Text book supplements are accessible through the online McGraw-Hill Connect™ platform. Titles currently not supported by Connect are available via text specific Online Learning Centres.

Student Resources

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