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Theatre: The Lively Art

© 2013
by Edwin Wilson Alvin Goldfarb

8th Edition Active, In-Print 448 Pages Softcover
9780073514208 0073514209
In its outstanding eighth edition, Theatre: The Lively Art remains the best-selling Introductory Theatre text for Theatre Appreciation courses. It incorporates a number of elements in one volume:

An introduction to the audience's experience of theatre An investigation of the elements of theatre: the audience; the text; theatre artists, including actors, directors, theatrical space; and scenic, costume, lighting and sound design A study of the important developments in the history of theatre

Several qualities set Theatre: The Lively Art apart from other introductory texts. A particularly important element is our emphasis on the audience. All students reading the book are potential theatregoers, not just during their college years but throughout their lives. We have therefore attempted to make Theatre: The Lively Art an ideal one-volume text to prepare students as future audience members. It will give them a grasp of how theatre functions, of how it should be viewed and judged, and of the tradition behind any performance they may attend.

In addition to serving as an ideal text for non-majors, Theatre: The Lively Art will also prepare students who wish to continue studies in theatre, as majors, minors, or students from other disciplines who take advanced courses.
Preface Introduction

Part 1. Theatre: Diverse, Global, Multicultural

Chapter 1. Theatre: The Art Form

Chapter 2. The Audience: Spectators and Participants

Part 2. Creating Theatre: The Playwright

Chapter 3. Creating the Dramatic Script

Chapter 4. Theatrical Genres

Part 3. Creating Theatre: The Production

Chapter 5. Acting for the Stage

Chapter 6. The Director and the Producer

Chapter 7. Theatre Spaces

Chapter 8. The Designers: Scenery and Costumes

Chapter 9. The Designers: Lighting and Sound

Part 4. Global Theatre: Past and Present

Chapter 10. Early Theatre: Greek, Roman, and Medieval

Chapter 11. Early Theatre: Asian

Chapter 12. Renaissance Theatres

Chapter 13. Theatre from the Restoration through Romanticism

Chapter 14. The Modern Theatre Emerges

Chapter 15. Today's Diverse Global Theatre

New to this Edition

URLs to Online Plays. At appropriate places in the text, students are directed to websites that provide complete plays for them to read and consider in context with what they are learning.

Thinking About Theatre Questions. A set of critical thinking questions has been added at the end of each chapter as part of an expanded pedagogical program. These questions not only help students to think critically about what they have read in the chapter, but also help them to connect what they?ve read to their own experiences. The Thinking About Theatre questions can be used as homework assignments or to inspire classroom discussion.

Living History. We present in these boxes narratives of actual events in theatre history, taking the readers back in time so they have a sense of being in the audience at a performance of, say, Antigone in Athens in 441 B.C.E., or at the premier of Hamlet at the Globe Theatre in London around 1600.

Production Photos. Altogether there are 243 photographs in the 8th edition of which 151 are new color photos. As always , the vast majority of the photos in the book are not only in full color but generously sized to help students see and appreciate the dynamic and dramatic world of the theatre. The illustrations we?ve chosen?both photographs and line drawings?do not appear in isolation but instead help to explain and enhance the material in the text.

Retained Features

Global Cross-Currents. These boxes, occurring throughout the text, highlight specific examples of global influence on theatre. Artists discussed include Peter Brook, Josef Svoboda, Julie Taymor, Bertolt Brecht, and Thornton Wilder.

The Making Connections boxes explore the close relationship between theatre and other forms of popular entertainment through the ages, from the mimes and jugglers of ancient Rome to the circuses and vaudeville of the nineteenth century to the rock concerts and theme parks of today.

Timelines are included for each period and country addressed. These timelines have been markedly improved from those in previous editions, with entries much easier to read than before. Each timeline shows landmark events and accomplishments to the social and political arenas on one side and significant theatre events on the other. In addition, photos of key people and events have been added to make the timelines more appealing and informative.

A sense of immediacy and personalization has been a goal in our Writing Style. We have attempted to write Theatre: The Lively Art in the most readable language possible. The book contains a wealth of information, but we hope it is presented in a manner that makes it vivid and alive.

Photo Essays place students in the audiences of important productions in these pictorial essays to bring to life key elements discussed in each Part. These essays provide context for theatre viewing experiences, while highlighting outstanding performances and designs.

What you need, where you need it.

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