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The New Testament: A Student's Introduction

© 2012
by Stephen Harris

7th Edition Active, In-Print 544 Pages Softcover
9780073535821 0073535826

Designed for students beginning their first systematic study of the Christian Scriptures, The New Testament: A Student's Introduction is reader-friendly and effectively organized to facilitate student learning. The text surveys the historical and cultural background of the early Christian era and offers cogent discussions of each of the New Testament's twenty-seven books, from the Gospel biographies of Jesus to the mystic symbols of Revelation. In addition to presenting the Jewish and Greco-Roman context in which the canonical authors wrote, the text incorporates important scholarship that helps illuminate each document's principal themes and religious significance. This well-balanced introduction, featuring numerous maps, charts and essays, enhances students? understanding of the first-century Christian experience and distinctive worldview.



Chapter 1. An Overview of the New Testament

Chapter 2. How the New Testament Was Formed and Handed Down to Us


Chapter 3. The Diverse World of First-Century Judaism

Chapter 4. The World of Greek Thought and Culture

Chapter 5. The World of Roman Political Power


Chapter 6. The Gospels: Form and Purpose

Chapter 7. Mark's Portrait of Jesus: The Hidden Messiah and Eschatological Judge

Chapter 8. Matthew's Portrait of Jesus: A Teacher Greater than Moses

Chapter 9. Luke's Portrait of Jesus: A Savior for "All Nations"

Chapter 10. Luke's Portrait of the Early Church: Jesus? Followers Continue His Work

Chapter 11. John's Portrait of Jesus: Divine Wisdom Made Flesh

Chapter 12. The Continuing Quest for the Historical Jesus


Chapter 13. Paul: Apostle to the Nations

Chapter 14. Unity, Freedom, and Christ's Return: Paul's Letters to Thessalonica and Corinth

Chapter 15. Freedom from Law and Justification by Faith: Galatians and Romans

16. Letters from Prison: Philippians and Philemon

17. Continuing the Pauline Tradition: 2 Thessalonians, Colossians, Ephesians, the Pastoral Epistles, and Other Early Christian Writings Influenced by Pauline Thought


Chapter 18. General Letters on Faith and Behavior: Hebrews, the Catholic Epistles, and the Noncanonical Teachings (Didache) of the Twelve Apostles

Chapter 19. Continuing the Apocalyptic Hope: The Book of Revelation and Other Jewish/Christian Apocalyptic Works

Chapter 20. The Judeo-Christian Bible and Subsequent History

Appendix: The Other Gospels: Additional Portraits of Jesus Glossary of New Testament Terms and Concepts Credits Index
New to this Edition

Shows more Clearly the Literary and Thematic Connections between the Gospel stories of Jesus? life and other canonical works.

Links the Discussion of Luke's Gospel with the same author's Book of Acts, illustrating the theological premise that the same Sprit that inspired Jesus also directed his followers in the infant church.

Unites the Presentation of John's Gospel with the Letters ascribed to John that originated in the same distinctive community.

Introduces Scholars? Solution of the Synoptic Problem only after students have studied Mark's Gospel, the presumed narrative source for both Matthew and Luke.

Utilizes Ground-breaking New Research to offer expanded coverage of crucial topics including the Dead Sea Scrolls, the strongly apocalyptic hopes of New Testament writers, the diversity of early Christian groups, and the tension-fraught relationship between Jesus? followers and the Roman Empire.

Revisits Essential Pauline Themes and ideas including his pursuit of mystical ecstasy, his concept of Christian love (agape), his views on the body and human sexuality, and the physically/spiritually transforming nature of believers? resurrection.

Revised Online Learning Center includes updated test banks and additional teaching and study tools such as PowerPoint presentations, quizzes, outlines, and glossary.

Retained Features

Logical and Convenient Organization, divided into five sections, helps students successfully navigate the diverse material of the New Testament.

"Diverse Portraits of Jesus" includes streamlined and relevant photo essays, as well as current scholarship on recently discovered noncanonical Gospels, offering a balanced presentation of the ongoing dialogue surrounding the search for the historical Jesus.

Covers Christianity's Varied Responses to the challenges posed by the rise of Islam and the discoveries of contemporary science in the final chapter, "The Judeo-Christian Bible and Subsequent History."

Coverage of Several Noncanonical Gospels, such as the Gospel of Judas and the Gospels ascribed to Thomas and Peter, as well as other works that once stood on the margins of the New Testament canon, such as I Clement, the Epistle of Barnabas, the Teaching (Didache) of the Twelve Apostles, helps illustrate the diversity inherent in early Christianity.

Learning Aids in Each Chapter include key topics and themes, a summary, review questions, a list of important terms, a bibliography, and many maps and other visual aids. A complete glossary appears at the end of the book.

Extended "Recommended Reading" Lists serve as a useful resource for student research and term-paper projects and have been updated with important new studies, including those by feminist critics, and works exploring the interaction of scientific thought and Christian theology.

Vibrant Full-Color Design including maps, charts, and photographs, show major archaeological sites, artworks, and monuments associated with Christianity in the Greco-Roman period.

What you need, where you need it.

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