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The Humanistic Tradition, Volume 1, with Connect Plus Humanities Access Card Vol. 1

© 2011
by Gloria Fiero

6th Edition Active, In-Print 576 Pages Softcover
9780077440091 0077440099

Interdisciplinary in approach and topical in focus, the sixth edition of The Humanistic Tradition continues to bring to life humankind's creative legacy. With more than 800 illustrations and some 150 literary sources in accessible translations, this widely acclaimed humanities survey takes a global perspective that is at once selective and engaging, and helps students better understand the relationship between world cultures. Available in multiple formats, The Humanistic Tradition examines the political, economic, and social contexts out of which history's most memorable achievements emerged.

Book 1: The First Civilizations and the Classical Legacy

Introduction: Prehistory and the Birth of Civilization

Prehistory The Birth of Civilization

1 Mesopotamia: Gods, Rulers, and the Social Order

Looking Ahead The Land between the Two Rivers The Gods of Mesopotamia The Rulers of Mesopotamia The Social Order The Arts in Mesopotamia The Iron Age The Hebrews Empires of the Iron Age Looking Back

2 Africa: Gods, Rulers, and the Social Order

Looking Ahead Africa: Ancient Egypt The Gods of Ancient Egypt The Rulers of Ancient Egypt The Social Order The Arts in Ancient Egypt Africa: The Sudan Looking Back

3 India, China, and the Americas

Looking Ahead Ancient India Ancient China The Americas Looking Back

4 Greece: Humanism and the Speculative Leap

Looking Ahead Bronze Age Civilizations of the Aegean The Heroic Age The Greek City-State and the Persian Wars Athens and the Greek Golden Age The Individual and the Community Greek Philosophy: The Speculative Leap Humanist Philosophy Looking Back

5 The Classical Style

Looking Ahead The Classical Style The Evolution of the Classical Style The Classical Style in Poetry The Classical Style in Music and Dance The Diffusion of the Classical Style: The Hellenistic Age Looking Back

6 Rome: The Rise to Empire

Looking Ahead The Roman Rise to Empire The Roman Contribution to Literature The Arts of the Roman Empire The Fall of Rome Looking Back

7 China: The Rise to Empire

Looking Ahead Confucius and the Classics The Chinese Rise to Empire The Literary Contributions of Imperial China The Visual Arts and Music Looking Back

Book Two: Medieval Europe and the World Beyond

8 A Flowering of Faith: Christianity and Buddhism Looking Ahead The Background to Christianity The Rise of Christianity The Teachings of Paul The Spread of Christianity The Rise of Buddhism The Spread of Buddhism Looking Back

9 The Language of Faith: Symbolism and the Arts Looking Ahead The Christian Identity The Buddhist Identity Looking Back

10 The Islamic World: Religion and Culture Looking Ahead The Religion of Islam The Spread of Islam Islamic Culture Looking Back

11 Patterns of Medieval Life Looking Ahead The Germanic Tribes Charlemagne and the Carolingian Renaissance Early Medieval Culture High Medieval Culture Looking Back

12 Christianity and the Medieval Mind Looking Ahead The Christian Way of Life and Death The Medieval Church Looking Back

13 The Medieval Synthesis in the Arts Looking Ahead The Romanesque Church The Gothic Cathedral Medieval Painting Medieval Music Looking Back

14 The World Beyond the West: India, China, and Japan Looking Ahead India China Japan Looking Back

Book 3: The European Renaissance, The Reformation, and Global Encounter

15 Adversity and Challenge: The Fourteenth-Century Transition

Looking Ahead Europe in Transition Literature in Transition Art and Music in Transition Looking Back

16 Classical Humanism in the Age of the Renaissance

Looking Ahead Italy: Birthplace of the Renaissance Classical Humanism Renaissance Women Machiavelli Looking Back

17 Renaissance Artists: Disciples of Nature, Masters of Invention

Looking Ahead Renaissance Art and Patronage The Early Renaissance The High Renaissance The Music of the Renaissance Looking Back

18 Cross-Cultural Encounters: Asia, Africa, and the Americas

Looking Ahead Global Travel and Trade The African Cultural Heritage The Arts of Africa Cross-Cultural Encounter The Americas Early Empires in the Americas Cross-Cultural Encounter Looking Back

19 Protest and Reform: The Waning of the Old Order

Looking Ahead The Temper of Reform The Protestant Reformation Northern Renaissance Art Sixteenth-Century Literature Shakespeare Looking Back
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