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Deux mondes with Connect Access Card (Includes WBLM)

© 2013
by Tracy Terrell

7th Edition Going Out of Publication Mixed media product
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Your students are changing. Technology is changing. The idea of the classroom is changing. Now, the way your students learn French is changing as well! In preparation for this edition of Deux mondes, we conducted extensive research, employing a wide array of research tools including surveys, focus groups, and ethnographic studies to identify the key goals and challenges of the Introductory French course. Not surprisingly, communication and cultural competence are top goals of the majority of instructors, while they are simultaneously faced with the challenges of fewer contact hours, budget cuts, and new course formats. Deux mondes, 7th edition, continues to offer a truly communicative approach that supports functional proficiency while responding to these changing needs in new and exciting ways. As a direct result of our research, we created Connect French (, a powerful online learning platform that includes the ebook, the online Cahier d'exercices, an audio/video chat tool, and a brand-new video filmed in Provence.
  • Enhanced by these powerful new digital tools, Deux mondes, 7th edition:
    • Engages students in authentic culture that inspires them to communicate with confidence by providing them with the natural contexts they need to develop their language skills
    • Provides tools for flexibility and easy online course administration
    • Achieves consistent results across face-to-face, hybrid, and online course formats
New to this Edition

Deux mondes emphasizes communication in meaningful contexts in the target language. Throughout the program, students listen to and read comprehensible French and have ample opportunities to use French in autograph, interview, information gap, role-play, writing, and other personalized activities that are theme-based, not grammar driven. Regardless of course format, in Connect French, students can also take advantage of the audio and video live chat tool to communicate with their classmates online. Each chapter includes two chat activities: one proficiency-based À vous de parler sur Internet activity that can be used as an end-of-chapter assessment and a second one that utilizes French and Francophone websites as a basis for the students' conversations.

Les Francophones sur le vif readings and related video segments feature contextualized interviews with various native speakers. The participants are "real" French people, not actors, who allowed us to film their daily routines and talk to us in their own words about themselves. The unscripted, documentary style of the videos enables students to become comfortable with authentic language beyond their level of linguistic mastery. Cultural readings called À propos... develop such themes as French and Francophone geography, history, and society and present various perspectives on French-speaking cultures. A short reading feature called À la rencontre des arts, shows French and Francophone contributions to the arts. The Dans le monde francophone activities offer communicative practice. In the Cahier d'exercices, the integration of the Le Chemin du retour film introduces another source of authentic language and culture. Activities and film available in Connect French.

Chapter themes and activities encourage students to link their study of French with their personal lives and other subjects they are studying.

Recurring features such as the updated La langue en mouvement, the new À propos... readings, as well as the Dans le monde francophone activities, lead students to make comparisons between their world and that of French-speaking people.

In Connect French, many of the À vous de parler sur Internet activities have students research "real world" topics as the weather in a Francophone city, tourist sites in Paris, or an online French grocery store in preparation for a live chat with a classmate.

The Deux mondes program now provides the online tools to reduce the amount of time and energy that instructors have to invest in administering their course. For instance:
  • Assignment Builder: When creating assignments, instructors can easily sort according to a variety of parameters that are important to their course in particular, such as skill, grammar structure, and vocabulary theme to be taught; time on task; activity type; and so on.
  • Connect French Reports: Instructors are able to pull administrative reports about student performance and coordinators are able to integrate these reports across sections to see the performance of all students in their program.

    More departments are looking for ways to offer language instruction via hybrid or online sections. Deux mondes is uniquely designed to provide consistent outcomes no matter which of these formats is used. It provides:
    • Activities: Regardless of whether your section is taught online or face to face, all content is directly tied to course learning objectives to ensure consistency across the program.
    • Digital offerings: With Connect French, students have central access to the eBook, the online Cahier d'exercices, the Audio Program, Les Francophones sur le vif video and activities, and the Le Chemin du retour film. This gives them with ample opportunity to engage at any time, in any place, with the rich cultural content of the program, regardless of the course format.
    • Grammar Tutorials: 17 grammar tutorials feature a digital professor who explains key structures that students typically struggle with in the Intro French course. Each tutorial is followed by a brief assessment.

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