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PPK Music Brief 7e Upgrade and Connect Plus Access Card

© 2011
by Roger Kamien

7th Edition Active, In-Print 480 Pages Softcover with access card
9780077658243 0077658248
What does it take to make a great performance? It takes great music, a great performer and a great instrument. Music: An Appreciation includes some of the greatest music ever created. Roger Kamien's excellence as an interpreter of that music has made his program number one in the market used by over half a million students since its conception. Now, CONNECT Kamien provides the world-class instrument that allows Music: An Appreciation to bring great music to his audience in an extraordinary new way. Music: An Appreciation is great music, a great interpreter, and a great instrument.

Part I Elements

1. Sound: Pitch, Dynamics, and Tone Color

2. Performing Media: Voices and Instruments

3. Rhythm

4. Music Notation

5. Melody

6. Harmony

7. Key

8. Musical Texture

9. Musical Form

10. Musical Style

Part II The Middle Ages And Renaissance

1. Music In The Middle Ages (450-1450)

2. Music In The Renaissance (1450-1600)

Part III The Baroque Period

1. Baroque Music (1600-1750)

2. Music In Baroque Society

3. The Concerto Grosso And Ritornello Form

4. The Fugue

5. The Elements Of Opera

6. Opera In The Baroque Era

7. Claudio Monteverdi

8. Henry Purcell

9. The Baroque Sonata

10. Antonio Vivaldi

11. Johann Sebastian Bach

12. The Baroque Suite

13. The Chorale And Church Cantata

14. The Oratorio

15. George Frideric Handel

Part IV The Classical Period

1. The Classical Style (1750-1820)

2. Composer, Patron, And Public In The Classical Period

3. Sonata Form

4. Theme And Variations

5. Minuet And Trio

6. Rondo

7. The Classical Symphony

8. The Classical Concerto

9. Classical Chamber Music

10. Joseph Hadyn

11. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

12. Ludwig Van Beethoven

Part V The Romantic Period

1. Romanticism In Music (1820-1900)

2. Romantic Composers And Their Public

3. The Art Song

4. Franz Schubert

5. Robert Schumann

6. Clara Wieck Schumann

7. Frederic Chopin

8. Franz Liszt

9. Felix Mendelssohn

10. Program Music

11. Hector Berlioz

12. Nationalism In Nineteenth-Century Music

13. Antonin Dvorak

14. Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky

15. Johannes Brahms

16. Giuseppe Verdi

17. Giacomo Puccini

18. Richard Wagner

Part VI The Twentieth Century

1. Musical Styles: 1900-1945

2. Music and Musicians in Society

3. Impressionism and Symbolism

4. Claude Debussy

5. Neoclassicism

6. Igor Stravinsky

7. Expressionism

8. Arnold Schoenberg

9. Alban Berg

10. Anton Webern

11. Bela Bartok

12. Charles Ives

13. George Gershwin

14. William Grant Still

15. Aaron Copland

16. Albert Ginestera

17. Musical Styles Since 1945

18. Music Since 1945: Five Representative Pieces

19. Jazz

20. Music for Stage and Screen

21. Rock

Part VII Nonwestern Music

1. Music In Nonwestern Cultures

2. Music In Sub-Saharan Africa

3. Classical Music Of India Appendixes 1. Glossary And Example Locator 2. Chronology 3. Recordings Acknowledgments Index

New to this Edition

Downloads - All 72 selections from the 5 CD set are available as digital files for downloading. Files can be downloaded and then transferred onto students? preferred devices - CDs, MP3 players, phones " for portability and listening convenience. Music selections in MP3 format are housed on a SONY partner site for downloading with access code.

Connect Kamien, a new web-based assignment and assessment platform, gives students the means to better connect with their coursework, their instructors, and with the important concepts that they will need to know for success in Music Appreciation. It incorporates interactive listening assignments and quizzes, streams the full music selections through the online listening guides (complete pieces), includes video opera and film excerpts, an audio glossary, and much more. Connect Plus Kamien includes all of this and a complete interactive ebook of the text.

New Part Summaries at the end of each part aid student learning in two important ways: 1.) Summaries of key terms, principal forms, main composers, and style features tie the chapters of each part together, and encourage student review and retention. 2.) "Beyond the Classroom" materials prepare the student for further listening outside the classroom by going beyond the musical pieces and composers directly discussed in the text.

A refreshed repertoire of musical selections and new performances on the CD-sets provide instructors with new examples for teaching, including two examples of guitar music: A dance movement by Bach and "Shard" by Elliott Carter; "Flow my tears," a lute song by John Dowland; "Malambo" from the Estancia ballet suite by Ginastera, conducted by the dynamic Gustavo Dudamel; and Bernard Herrmann's score for a scene from Alfred Hitchcock's classic "Vertigo", using a clip from the film.

Expanded coverage of film music features a listening outline and film clip (accessible online) of the "tower scene" from Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo.

Interactive Glossary and Example Locator -The Glossary and Example locator is now available both online and in the text. The online version has been loaded with clickable listening samples for the forms, styles, and instruments listed in the glossary.

Connect PLUS Kamien is packaged with the Kamien texts (either Brief 7e or 10e) at text net which means it can be packaged with the Kamien text at the same price as the text stand alone with a $1.75 packaging fee.

Inkling eBook available " McGraw-Hill's Inkling eBooks turn the iPad into a powerful learning tool. IPad users simply download the free "Inkling? app from the iTUnes App Store, which then provides Inkling ebook preview and purchasing options. Students can purchase individual chapters as well as the entire eBook. An open access chapter is available for preview. For the latest information and complete list of Inkling titles, please visit the Strategic Marketing Intranet site " http://pine/sites/SMI/Pages/Inkling.aspx. To comp an Inkling title, please send an email request to InklingCompRequests and include the instructor's email address and the title you wish to comp. Note: Purchase of the Inkling eBook does not include access to Connect.

CourseSmart - To purchase an electronic eBook version of this text, visit www.CourseSmart.com (ISBN 0-07-737774-5). This is a .pdf style eBook and does not include the streaming music. That is found only in Connect.

Retained Features

A listening program featuring high quality recordings of music discussed in the text is available on either a comprehensive 9-CD set or a brief 5-CD set. The CD sets can be packaged with the Kamien text.

Listening Outlines and Vocal Music Guides within the text as well as Connnect Kamien for students to follow as they listen to the recorded pieces focus attention on musical events as they unfold and help develop students' listening skills.

Time-tested and class-tested organization consisting of short chapters provides faculty with the flexibility to pick exactly what they want to cover and easily communicate that information to students.

Richly illustrated part openers within the text provide historical and cultural context. Timelines, maps, and color photos illustrate important events or works of art.

Performance Perspective boxes, highlighting the role of performers in making music come alive. Featured are seven musicians whose performances appear on the CD set.

A text-specific Online Learning Center provides a link to listening software that works in conjunction with the audio CD set to bring the listening guides from the text to life, along with a wealth of additional teaching and learning resources. Student material includes activities and demonstrations, quizzes, outlines, and more. Instructor resources include an instructor's manual, test bank, computerized test bank, and PowerPoint Presentations. All online material can be integrated with leading course management systems.

What you need, where you need it.

Instructor Resources

McGraw-Hill Ryerson provides centralized online access to our supplemental resources. Many of our in-class solutions are supported by superior teaching aids like presentation ready PowerPoint slides, instructor's manuals, test banks, videos, and more. Text book supplements are accessible through the online McGraw-Hill Connect™ platform. Titles currently not supported by Connect are available via text specific Online Learning Centres.

Student Resources

McGraw-Hill CONNECT is available for key titles. CONNECT is an online platform proven to increase student results. It includes an eBook, adaptive learning tools, and interactive exercises. Go digital and save. CONNECT is a holistic solution that is available standalone to provide students with a low-cost option. Alternatively CONNECT is available packaged with most texts. Titles without CONNECT offer accompanying websites with supplementary study resources.
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