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Managerial Accounting

© 2012
by Ray Garrison Eric Noreen Peter Brewer

14th Edition 832 Pages Hardback
9780078111006 0078111005

As the long-time #1 best-seller, Garrison has helped guide close to 3 million students through managerial accounting since it was first published. It identifies the three functions managers must perform within their organisations-plan operations, control activities, and make decisions-and explains what accounting information is necessary for these functions, how to collect it, and how to interpret it. Garrisons Managerial Accounting is known for its relevance, accuracy, and clarity. It is also unique in that the authors write the most important supplements that accompany the book: solutions manual, test bank, instructors manual, and study guide - making them both of high quality and extremely consistent with the textbook.

1. Managerial Accounting: An Overview

2. Managerial Accounting and Cost Concepts

3. Job-Order Costing

4. Process Costing

5. Cost-Volume-Profit Relationships

6. Variable Costing and Segment Reporting: Tools for Management

7. Activity-Based Costing: A Tool to Aid Decision Making

8. Profit Planning

9. Flexible Budgets and Performance Analysis

10. Standard Costs and Variances

11. Performance Measurement in Decentralised Organisations

12. Differential Analysis: The Key to Decision Making

13. Capital Budgeting Decisions

14. Statement of Cash Flows

15. Financial Statement Analysis

Appendix A Pricing Products and Services Appendix B Profitability
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