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Organizational Behaviour: Improving Performance and Commitment in the Workplace with Connect Access Card

© 2012
by Jason Colquitt, Michael Wesson, Jeffery Lepine, Ian Gellatly

2nd Edition Mixed media product
9781259066566 1259066568
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Colquitt/Gellatly Organizational Behaviour: Improving Performance and Commitment in the Workplace, Second Canadian Edition, takes a unique, pop-cultural approach, versus the traditional, old-school one. This is a different kind of organizational behaviour text, one that re-examines how OB should be taught by using an innovative integrative model to link core OB topics back to their ultimate impact on job performance and commitment. Colquitt/Gellatly speaks to students in a language they understand through examples that are engaging and relevant. Solidly based in contemporary research but written in a conversational style, Colquitt/Gellatly has found a way to bring organizational behaviour to students without sacrificing academic rigour or the theoretical foundations behind contemporary OB topics.

Colquitt/Gellatly Organizational Behaviour, Second Canadian Edition, builds on the success of the first edition. The integrative model has been revised, restructuring the text into four parts and allowing for the seamless integration of some key topics such as communication, negotiation, diversity, and change. The result is a stronger text, which retains its unique focus on performance on commitment, while ensuring that all the key OB topics are covered effectively. This edition once again provides students and instructors with a friendly, accessible text grounded in contemporary theories and models that teach the universal applicability of organizational behaviour while remaining directly and deeply linked to the Canadian experience.

Part I: Introduction to Organizational Behaviour
Chapter 1: What is Organizational Behaviour?
Chapter 2: Job Performance
Chapter 3: Organizational Commitment
Part II: Individual Mechanisms
Chapter 4: Job Satisfaction
Chapter 5: Stress
Chapter 6: Motivation
Chapter 7: Trust, Justice, and Ethics
Chapter 8: Learning and Decision Making
Part III: Individual Characteristics and Group Mechanisms
Chapter 9: Personality, Cultural Values, and Ability
Chapter 10: Teams, Diversity and Communication
Chapter 11: Power, Influence, and Negotiation
Chapter 12: Leadership Styles and Behaviour
Part IV: Organizational Mechanisms
Chapter 13: Organizational Structure
Chapter 14: Organizational Culture and Change

Retained Features

Integrative Model.
The Colquitt/Gellatly text chapters open around an integrative model that provides students with a roadmap of the course, showing them where they have been and where they are going. This second Canadian edition features a revised model, allowing for the accommodation of topics that required increased attention, including communication, diversity, negotiation and change.

Unique Coverage of Performance & Commitment.
The introductory part of Colquitt/Gellatly contains two chapters not found at the beginning of other OB texts – Job Performance (Chapter 2) and Organizational Commitment (Chapter 3). The unique approach that Colquitt/Gellatly takes by highlighting the concepts of PERFORMANCE and COMMITMENT at the beginning of the text helps students to better appreciate the practical relevance of organizational behaviour concepts. Being good at one's job and wanting to stay with one's employer are critical concerns for employees and managers alike. After describing these topics in detail, every remaining chapter links back to the theory of performance and commitment.

HR/OB Balance.
Many universities in Canada offer a mix of OB, HR, and Management courses, but few offer all three courses together. The Colquitt/Gellatly text offers comprehensive coverage of these topics.

Features that Appeal to Students.
OB on Screen highlights and illustrates OB concepts taken from movie quotes or through use of movie scenes from recent and classic films. Everyone enrolled in an OB class has one thing in common: they're students. The OB for Students feature applies OB theories and concepts to student life. OB Assessments help students apply personally key OB concepts in each chapter. Students gain insights into their personality, emotional intelligence, their style of leadership and their ability to cope with stress that can help them understand their reactions to the working world.

OB Internationally showcases the changes in technology, communications and economic forces that have made business more global international than ever. OB Research in Canada is exclusive to the Canadian edition and profiles Canadian academics whose research ties in with the chapter topic. In the second Canadian edition, this feature has been revised to focus more on the "why" than the "how" of each researcher's work, and has been streamlined and more clearly linked to the chapter content

Unique Framework and Approach.
Colquitt/Gellatly provides a fresh modern look at organizational behaviour with a strong foundation in scientifically proven models and theories. Research on learning motivation has shown that students learn more when they have an intrinsic interest in the topic. Colquitt/Gellatly uses a more informal conversational style and features company examples students will be familiar with and find compelling, thus helping to stimulate interest. Each chapter in Colquitt/Gellatly includes special features designed to "bring OB to life."

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