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360 Degrees of Influence

360 Degrees of Influence: Get Everyone to Follow Your Lead on Your Way to the Top

by harrison monarth

9780071773553 007177355X

The most powerful leaders at any level are the ones who can get anyone to follow their lead, whether it’s their own boss, their direct reports, their peers, or even external partners. It’s what Harrison Monarth calls 360 Degrees of Influence. In his new book of the same name, he turns his attention to the most important tool in a professional’s skills arsenal: the ability to influence up, down, and across organizations. Having the ability to influence in every direction is more than a skill; it is a lifestyle and a mindset based on a foundation of critical principles that every modern professional needs to master in order to reach the ‘top’ in their field, and as a result, achieve their personal and career goals, as well as larger objectives that can make a difference in the world.

360 Degrees of Influence provides a unique combination of extensive trial-and-error real world experience, the latest scientific research in human behaviour, choice and decision-making, and intensive one-on-one coaching with top-level executives and professionals. The strategies presented have been developed over decades and field-tested by thousands of clients across a wide venue of fields.

Click here to see a video of Harrison Monarth talking about his new book: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_profilepage&v=Wda6TvzWMfE


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