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Every Leader is an Artist

Every Leader Is an Artist: How the World?s Greatest Artists Can Make You a More Creative Leader

by michael o'malley

9780071778572 0071778578

Artists put their work on display for everyone to judge, and bring people closer together by providing a forum for shared experiences. Artists don’t learn their craft by reading about it in a book; they practice, push themselves and their means of expression, and execute. These are exactly the same things effective business leaders do day in and day out.

Every Leader is an Artist: How the World’s Greatest Artists Can Make You a More Creative Leader, is an innovative study of leadership that combines business with art. Authors Michael O’Malley and William F. Baker combine their varied management, leadership backgrounds and perspectives to provide a list of criteria that can be used to measure the essentials of great art and great leadership.

This groundbreaking book offers a completely new perspective on the age-old question: What separates the effective leader from the ineffective leader? O’Malley and Baker reveal 12 key characteristics shared by great artists and leaders, including:

  • Intention: Makes an express commitment to achieve certain exceptional ends
  • Authenticity: Expresses individuality and personal beliefs with honesty and transparency
  • Engagement: Challenges the intellectual capacities of employees and tests their abilities to develop creative solutions to problems
  • Imagination: Makes surprising and unconventional departures from the ordinary that create a new sense of awareness or understanding
  • Form: Diligently

“O’Malley and Baker offer a refreshing and engaging lens that not only illuminates but inspires the reader, Mary C. Gentile, Creator and Director of Giving Voice to Values, and Senior Research Scholar, Babson College.”

About the Authors:

Dr. Michael O’Malley is Vice President in the Human Capital practice at Sibson Consulting.  He previously taught as an adjunct and professor at Columbia Business School and the University of Colorado.  During the course of his career, he has advised over 200 companies and written extensively in the areas of organizational change and leadership. Formerly, he was the Executive Editor for Business, Economics, and Law at Yale University Press.

Dr. William F. Baker directs the Bernard L. Schwartz Center for Media, Education, and Public Policy at Fordham University, where he is also Journalist-in-Residence and a professor in the Graduate School of Education. For his work in broadcasting he has won 7 Emmys. In 2007, he was inducted into the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) Management Hall of Fame and received the Mark Schubart Award from the Lincoln Center Institute, given to individuals who most exemplify the Institute’s ideal of integrating the arts with education.


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