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Hiring for Attitude

January 11, 2012
By: Mark murphy
ISBN 13: 9780071785853
ISBN 10: 007178585X
Price: $34.95
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In one of the largest recruiting and hiring analysis ever conducted, Leadership IQ found that 46% of new hires fail within 18 months – 89% of whom fail because of issues relating to their attitude, not skills. It turns out that companies (and their interviewers) have been hiring people just for their skills, without also testing for their attitude. Hiring for Attitude examines the recent Leadership IQ science study behind why attitude matters and breaks it down into plain language that doesn’t require a PhD to understand. Clear and practical lessons are illuminated by numerous case studies of organizations like Microchip, Southwest Airlines, The Ritz-Carlton, and Google – companies whose overwhelming success is dependent on a firm belief in, and a steadfast practice of, hiring for attitude.

Skills are important, and a particular skill set is about the easiest thing to test in an interview. Although much harder to recognize, attitude should be the number-one focus during the hiring process. Otherwise, there is a good chance the new hire will suffer from poor chemistry – even one employee with the wrong attitude can cause years of suffering for other employees and customers.

Author Mark Murphy is the author of Hundred Percenters and is the Chairman and CEO of Leadership IQ.

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