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February 27, 2012
By: Scott goodson
ISBN 13: 9780071782821
ISBN 10: 0071782826
Price: $49.95
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For the better part of a century, business has relied on a marketing model focused on persuading individuals to buy products or services. But the dirty little secret (which is not so secret anymore) is that all those expensive plugs for “new and improved” offerings are falling upon deaf ears; no one’s listening, especially if those plugs are talking about product. Customers are listening to each other, and caring about a lot of things other than a company’s product: Cleaning up the environment, reinventing themselves, underground rock, solving social problems, scrapbooking, eating healthy, and countless other passions that are forming the basis of movements small and large. The best chance for today’s would-be persuaders is to ditch the sales pitch, and start trying to figure out what people care about and how to be part of that conversation.

In Uprising: How to Build a Brand – and Change the world – by Sparking Cultural Movements, Scott Goodson explains why attempting to persuade people to buy products is doomed to failure, citing rapid advances in technology and dramatic changes in the customer’s role in the buying process. He shows readers how to enter customer conversations and relate to people in interconnected groups based on shared passion points and focus on sharing versus selling. In essence, marketers learn to position their brand within the movement, which will carry and spread their message that customers will perceive as authentic and compelling.

Companies like Pampers, Heineken, Pfizer, and IKEA, are recognizing that in the “postproduct era” of today and tomorrow, the smartest marketing will be about connecting with society on ideas and issues that actually matter to people. And in trying to achieve that aim, the movement will be the medium. The challenge for these companies is figuring out how to align themselves with existing movements or, better yet, how to spark new ones. What’s required is nothing less than a radical rethink on the part of marketers and business leaders.

Uprising takes readers inside a number of today’s most dynamic and successful cultural movements – some of them in the business world, some in the social realm, and some in between. Readers will discover why people start movements; what gives those initiatives momentum and keeps them going; and – most importantly – what it is, exactly, that movements want and need from business. Just as Positioning revolutionized the marketing world when it was first published in the 1980s, Uprising will change the conversation about branding and the future of business.


Scott Goodson is the founder of the pacesetting global marketing/advertising agency, StrawberryFrog. In a recent Adweek poll, Goodson’s company StrawberryFrog was voted most likely to emerge as the new leader of the advertising industry. He has built some of the world’s most iconic brands, lectured at Cambridge University, Columbia Business School, and addressed marketing and communications conferences around the world.


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