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The Virtual Executive

May 22, 2012
By: D. a. benton
ISBN 13: 9780071787154
ISBN 10: 0071787151
Price: $38.95
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Nobody will get far in business if they don’t adapt to the latest advancements in communication with the timeless skill of networking. But what it takes to connect, impress online and on the phone, is very different from what we already know about how to shine in person.

In The Virtual Executive: How to Act Like a CEO Online and Offline, executive coach and author Debra Benton, demonstrates the secrets to establishing your own “virtual executive presence” so you can effectively present yourself, stand out, manage and lead using all of today’s communications channels without seeming detached.

To find out what makes an impression when you’re not face to face, Benton interviewed CEOs, CTOs, CMOs, CIOs, CFOs, entrepreneurs, free agents, tech-geeks, MBA students, and a professional dropout or two from all over the world. What she discovered is that you’ll only earn people’s attention if you can convey integrity, attitude, persuasion, connection, and most urgently of all -empathy. Once you’ve got their attention, you have to be clear about why people should care, what is important, and what’s in it for them.

Benton’s wise advice on:

  • How to do a “verbal handshake” on the phone or by email
  • What passing the salt and your vocal tone on the phone have in common
  • When you absolutely must use the phone instead of email
  • Why your body language (and smiling) will get noticed on the phone and on email
  • How to master the perfect email subject line
  • Why asking questions is the best way to establish a connection with someone and which questions work best

With dozens of techniques like these, The Virtual Executive reveals how to make just as strong as an impression virtually as you do when you walk into a room and deliver a firm handshake.

About the Author:

Debra Benton is founder of Benton Management Resources, whose clients include GE, AT&T, American Express, Pepsi, United Airlines, Time Warner, McKinsey & Company, Verizon, Dell, Novartis, Kraft Foods, and NASA, and individuals from Hollywood to the Washington Beltway. She is the bestselling author of eight previous books including How to Think Like a CEO and Secrets of a CEO Coach.  She has been appeared on “Good Morning America”, “Today,” CNN and on the front page of The Wall Street Journal. And USA Today’s “Money” section. She has written for The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and Harvard Business Review. Condé Nast Portfolio described her as “one of the top five executive coaches to have on speed dial.” She lives on a ranch in Colorado where she works hard to project her own virtual executive presence.


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