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Leveraged Financial Markets: A Comprehensive Guide to Loans, Bonds, and Other High-Yield Instruments

© 2011
by William Maxwell Mark Shenkman

1st Edition Active, In-Print 416 Pages Hardcover
9780071746687 0071746684


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Public companies acquire most of their outside capital from debt fi nancing and, more specifi cally, leveraged finance--an asset class that falls somewhere between traditional fixed income and stocks. While this type of
debt fi nancing carries significant risk to both investors
and companies, the potential returns make leveraged finance a cornerstone of the modern financial markets.

Leveraged Financial Markets is a gathering of the most astute and informed minds in the business.
The powerhouse editorial team of William F. Maxwell and Mark R. Shenkman have handselected contributions from the top practitioners and thinkers working in leveraged finance today.

The result is an authoritative guidebook that provides
you with what you need to navigate the highyield market in the integrated global economy. Packed with a wealth of analytical models illustrating the realities of distress probabilities and losses in default, Leveraged Financial Markets gives you all the insight and strategies you need to:

  • Use the Sharpe ratio to measure the return versus risk for high-yield debt
  • Develop and oversee a portfolio of high-yield bonds
  • Value individual high-yield issuances

It also updates you on changes in the high-yield bond market and features in-depth coverage of numerous debt vehicles leveraged in the market today, including collateralized debt obligations (CDOs), credit derivative swaps (CDSs), collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), and
leveraged loans.

Leveraged Financial Markets is your blueprint to
becoming a virtuoso of this resilient and popular asset class.

Part I: Market Structure;
Chapter 1. The High Yield Market;
Chapter 2. The Globalization of the High-Yield Market;
Chapter 3. Bond Ratings;
Part II: High-Yield Bonds;
Chapter 4. High-Yield Bonds as an Asset Class;
Chapter 5. The Issuers and Investors in the High-Yield Bond Market;
Chapter 6. Bond Indentures and Bond Characteristics;
Chapter 7. Default and Migration Probabilities of High-Yield Bonds;
Chapter 8. Analyzing a High-Yield Debt Issuance;
Chapter 9. Valuation of Callable, Floating and PIK High Yield Instruments;
Chapter 10. Analytical Model of Default Probabilities;
Part III: High-Yield Bonds at the Portfolio Level;
Chapter 11. Managing a High-Yield Portfolio;
Chapter 12. Monitoring a High-Yield Portfolio;
Chapter 13. High Yield Index Products;
Chapter 14. Aggregate Market Valuation;
Part IV: Leveraged Loans and CDOs;
Chapter 15. Leveraged Loans as an Asset Class;
Chapter 16. The Issuers and Investors in Leveraged Loans;
Chapter 17. Collateralized Debt Obligations and Securitization;
Part V: Distressed Debt;
Chapter 18. Recovery Rates on Defaulted Bonds;
Chapter 19. Analyzing the Credit Risk of Distressed Securities;
Chapter 20. Debtor-in-Possession Financing;
Chapter 21. Vulture Investing;
Part VI: Credit Derivative Swaps;
Chapter 22. Credit Derivative Swaps

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