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Understand the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: A Teach Yourself Guide

© 2011
by Stewart Ross

2nd Edition Active, In-Print 224 Pages Softcover
9780071747677 0071747672


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The essential guide to one of the world's most distressing confrontations

Putting the present situation into its broader context and examining all perspectives, Understand the Israeli?Palestinian Conflict unravels the origins and development of issues which make the headlines daily. Each aspect of this complex conflict is explained with engaging objectivity, which will ensure students can examine the issues from all perspectives and in a social, political, historical and international framework.

Chapter 1 Biblical beginnings / Chapter 2 Whose land? / Chapter 3 The Mandate / Chapter 4 Israel / Chapter 5 Battle lines / Chapter 6 PLO and war / Chapter 7 Arafat and the PLO / Chapter 8 Camp David / Chapter 9 The Lebanese battleground / Chapter 10 Intifada / Chapter 11 Madrid and beyond / Chapter 12 Sharon / Chapter 13 Hamas and Hezbollah, 2006-7 / Chapter 14 Ways forward? / Glossary / Taking it further / Index

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