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Dutton's Introduction to Physical Therapy and Patient Skills

© 2014
by Mark Dutton

1st Edition Active, In-Print 752 Pages Mixed media product
9780071772433 007177243X


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Companion DVD includes video of more than 50 techniques

Introduction to Physical Therapy and Patient Skills is intended to provide a foundation upon
which to build a career in the challenging yet rewarding field of physical therapy. Written by a practicing physical therapist, this comprehensive textbook provides the conceptual framework necessary to understand every aspect of physical therapy and eventually perform physical therapy intervention.

Included in this conceptual framework are a historical perspective of the physical therapy profession, an introduction to healthcare policy, and a definition of evidence-informed practice. In addition, various chapters describe how movement evolves, how that movement becomes
skilled, and how movement dysfunction can occur or develop. Later chapters introduce you to the knowledge and practical skills necessary for the general practice of physical therapy and provide the groundwork for the development of specific areas of clinical expertise, including how to enhance a patient's function in such tasks as bed mobility, transfers, and gait training.

Throughout the appropriate chapters, emphasis is placed on both patient and clinician safety through the use of correct body mechanics, the application of assistive and safety devices, and effective infection control procedures.

To facilitate learning, Introduction to Physical Therapy and Patient Skills includes a companion DVD that provides video coverage of more than 50 of the techniques discussed in the book.

Part One: Advertising Perspectives

Chapter 1: Advertising Today?

Chapter 2: The Big Picture: The Evolution of IMC

Chapter 3: The Big Picture: Economic and Regulatory Aspects

Chapter 4: The Scope of Advertising: From Local to Global

Part Two: Crafting Marketing and Advertising Strategies

Chapter 5: Marketing and Consumer Behavior: The Foundations of Advertising

Chapter 6: Market Segmentation and the Marketing Mix: Determinants of Advertising Strategy

Chapter 7: Research: Gathering Information for Advertising Planning

Chapter 8: Marketing and Advertising Planning

Chapter 9: Planning Media Strategy: Disseminating the Message

Part Three: Creating Advertisements and Commercials

Chapter 10: Creative Strategy and the Creative Process

Chapter 11: Creative Execution: Art and Copy

Chapter 12: Producing Ads for Print, Electronic, and Digital Media

Part Four: Using Advertising Media

Chapter 13: Using Print Media

Chapter 14: Using Electronic Media: Television and Radio

Chapter 15: Using Digital Interactive Media

Chapter 16: Using Out-of-Home, Exhibitive, and Supplementary Media

Part Five: Integrating Advertising with Other Elements of IMC

Chapter 17: Introducing Social Media

Chapter 18: Relationship Building: Direct Marketing, Personal Selling, and Sales Promotion

Chapter 19: Relationship Building: Public Relations, Sponsorship, and Corporate Advertising

Epilogue Repositioning a Brand
Appendix A: Marketing Plan Outline
Appendix B: Advertising Plan Outline

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