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Side-By-Side French and English Grammar, 3rd Edition

© 2012
by C. Frederick Farrell

3rd Edition Active, In-Print 192 Pages Softcover
9780071788595 007178859X


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A simple approach for learning French grammar by comparing it to your first language, English!

Side-by-Side French and English Grammar present explanations of the essential elements of French grammar alongside their English-language equivalents. This method allows you to build on what you already know; not only do you learn French grammar but also enjoy the added benefit of strengthening your grammar skills in your native tongue!

Each lesson clearly explains functions and uses of the different parts of speech and includes abundant examples for each entry. Because the vocabulary is limited to frequently used words, you can concentrate more on a sentence's structure instead of becoming tangled in its meaning. A "Quick Check" section summarizes main ideas in each section and helps you retain the most important information. This third edition features a new exercise section to further reinforce what you have learned.

1. Introducing Languages

2. Parts of Speech

3. Nouns

4. Pronouns

5. Adjectives

6. Adverbs

7. Conjunctions

8. Interjections

9. Prepositions

10. Verbs

11. Verb Charts



I. Pronoun Review

II. Determiners

III. Some Common Irregular Verbs

IV. Verbs for Reading

V. Compound Tenses

VI. Il est? versus C'est?

Answer Key

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