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Beyond Referrals: How to Use the Perpetual Revenue System to Convert Referrals into High-Value Clients

© 2013
by Bill Cates

1st Edition Active, In-Print 256 Pages Paperback / softback
9780071791663 0071791663


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More Introductions! More Appointments! More Clients!

You face four hurdles to gaining new clients: finding enough of the right prospects, getting their attention, making the sale, and multiplying your clients through referrals.

While referrals are important, they're not the endgame. Beyond Referrals helps you turn referrals into introductions, appointments, and sales--showing you how to turn referrals into introductions to the prospects who are eager to hear from you. Then, you'll learn proven ways to convert a high percentage of prospects into high-value clients.

"Bill's referral system is being used throughout our company because the results are undeniable. He has truly revolutionized the way our advisors are acquiring new clients through referrals. This book will turbocharge your client acquisition!" -- JOE JORDAN, Senior Vice President, MetLife

"Beyond Referrals is a gold mine of value-based, profit-creating information. Utilizing Bill's Perpetual Revenue System, we learn that obtaining the referral is only the first step in an ongoing and very profitable cycle." -- BOB BURG, coauthor of The Go-Giver and author of Endless Referrals

"Beyond Referrals explains how to avoid leaving money on the table from what I call the 'second
sale.' You can read this book and double your business, or you can merely work twice as hard. That's not much of a choice."
-- ALAN WEISS, PhD, author of Million Dollar Consulting and Million Dollar Referrals

This is the ultimate blueprint for converting referrals into clients." -- Ivan Misner, PhD, New York Times bestselling author and founder of BNI

Elementary Theory of Sets: Sets and Subsets.
Basic Set Operations.
Sets of Numbers.
Product Sets and Graphs of Functions.
Further Theory of Sets.
Further Theory of Functions.
Ordinals, Cardinals, and Transfinite Induction: Cardinal Numbers, Partially and Totally Ordered Sets.
Well-Ordered Sets.
Ordinal Numbers.
Axiom of Choice, Zorn's Lemma, Well-Ordering Theorem.
Paradoxes in Set Theory.
Related Topics: Algebra of Propositions.
Boolean Algebra.
Logical Reasoning.

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