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Study Quiz The Normal Distribution

Mathematics of Data Management 12 > Student Centre > Chapter 8 > Study Quiz The Normal Distribution

Preview Study Quiz The Normal Distribution

Question 1
Marks: 1/1
Which of the following would be likely to follow a uniform distribution?
Choose one answer.
Marks for this submission: 1/1.
Question 2
Marks: 0/1
The following waiting times and frequencies were recorded for customers checking out at a grocery store:Select an appropriate distribution, and determine the mean waiting time in minutes.
Choose one answer.
Marks for this submission: 0/1. This submission attracted a penalty of 0.1.
Question 3
Marks: --/1
The time taken to clean up the Mt. Etna Pizza Parlour after it closes follows a normal distribution with a mean of 30 min and a standard deviation of 5 min. What is the probability that the cleanup crew will complete the job in less than 20 min?
Choose one answer.
Question 4
Marks: --/1
The students applying to a computer engineering program at a university have a mean average of 85 with a standard deviation of 6. The admissions committee will only consider students in the top 20%. What cut-off mark should the committee use?
Choose one answer.
Question 5
Marks: --/1
The refractive error, in diopters, of a sample of 20 students in a school is shown below.Assuming a normal distribution, and using the sample mean and standard deviation, estimate the probability that a student will have a refractive error of less than –1 or greater than +1, and hence will require corrective lenses.
Choose one answer.
Question 6
Marks: --/1
An advertisement for jelly beans claims "At least 100 beans in every box.". The machine used to fill the boxes has been found to fill boxes with a mean of 108 beans and a standard deviation of 3 beans. What is the probability that the advertising claim is true?
Choose one answer.
Question 7
Marks: --/1
A company that makes digital watches finds that 2% of its watches fail within the warranty period and must be replaced. The company has sold a shipment of 10 000 watches to a major retail chain store. Use the normal approximation to the binomial distribution to determine the probability that 300 or more watches from this shipment will fail.
Choose one answer.
Question 8
Marks: --/1
A model of engine used in small aircraft has a mean life of 2000 h of operation with a standard deviation of 100 h. Each year the engine manufacturer collects data on the life of 100 engines. What is the mean and the standard deviation of these samples?
Choose one answer.
Question 9
Marks: --/1
A candidate working towards a doctorate in labour relations hypothesizes that membership in trade unions increases during an economic recession. Historically, 18% of the workers in the city of Big Apple belong to a trade union. She interviewed 1000 workers during a recession, and found that 200 of them belonged to a trade union. What is the probability that this result occurred by chance, and that the real rate in the city has not changed?
Choose one answer.
Question 10
Marks: --/1
A manufacturer of computer hardware knows that the life of its hard drives has a standard deviation of 2400 h. Over the past three years, the mean life, based on a sample of 900 hard drives, was 16 000 h of use. The 95% confidence interval for the actual mean life of the drives is
Choose one answer.