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BC Biology 12

© 2013
by Sylvia Mader Van Chau Michael Windelspecht

1st Edition Active, In-Print Hardback
9781259088148 1259088146


Expanded content on cellular respiration and photosynthesis to support expected curriculum changes.

Developed by Sylvia Mader and a team of experienced BC educators to support the Biology 12 IRP.

Safety in the Biology Classroom
Chapter 1 The Study of Life

Unit A – Cell Biology

Chapter 2 The Molecules of Cells
Chapter 3 Cell Structure and Function
Chapter 4 DNA Structure and Gene Expression
Chapter 5 Metabolism: Energy and Enzymes
Chapter 6 Cellular Respiration
Chapter 7 Photosynthesis

Unit B – Human Body Systems

Chapter 8 Human Organization
Chapter 9 Digestive System
Chapter 10 Circulatory System and Lymphatic System
Chapter 11 Respiratory System
Chapter 12 Nervous System
Chapter 13 Urinary System
Chapter 14 Reproductive System

New to this Edition

New Features

  • Career Investigation - Showcases careers in biology to connect students with real-world application
  • Science and Technology - Relates scientific content to current technological advances and research
  • Issues in Biology - Analyzes current issues such as genetically modified food and antibiotic resistance, and promotes inquiry and classroom discussion
  • History of Biology - Reflects on past discoveries and important findings that have shaped biology today
  • Aboriginal Perspectives - Discusses the views of Canada's aboriginal and First Nations people on important biological topics