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BC Biology 12

© 2013
by Sylvia Mader Van Chau Michael Windelspecht

1st Edition Active, In-Print Hardback
9781259088148 1259088146


Expanded content on cellular respiration and photosynthesis to support expected curriculum changes.

Developed by Sylvia Mader and a team of experienced BC educators to support the Biology 12 IRP.

PART I- Introduction How Did We Get Here so Quickly?;
Chapter 1: The Traditional Marketing Mix is Dead;
Chapter 2: From Internet 1.0 to 3.0 in 15 Years;
Chapter 3: What Are the Differences Between 1-Way Marketing & 2-Way Communication?; Chapter 4: Like is the New Link: How Facebook is Reorganizing the Web;
Chapter 5: Beyond Facebook: How Important Are Other Social Networks?; Chapter 6: What Does it Mean to Be Likeable?; PART II- 18 Ways to Use Facebook & Social Media to Move the Needle; Chapter 1: Listen First; Chapter 2: Define Your Target Audience Better Than Ever Before; Chapter 3: Think Like a Consumer; Chapter 4: Convert Your Current Customers to Become Fans First; Chapter 5: Engage! (The Difference Between Talking and Engaging); Chapter 6: Respond Quickly to All of the Bad Comments;
Chapter 7: Respond to the Good Comments Too (and even to the indifferent ones if possible); Chapter 8: Be Authentic (& even Vulnerable!); Chapter 9: Be Transparent; Chapter 10: Should You Ask a Lot of Questions?; Chapter 11: Provide Value; Chapter 12: Share Stories; Chapter 13: Inspire Your Customers to Share Stories; Chapter 14: Integrate Facebook into the Entire Customer Experience;
Chapter 15: Use Social Ads Carefully & Efficiently;
Chapter 16: Admit When You F—K Up – & then Leverage It; Chapter 17: Consistently Deliver Value, Excitement & Delight; Chapter 18: Sell; PART III- Applying the Rules: The Details on Each Network;
chapter 1: Facebook: 500 million people can’t be wrong; Chapter 2: Twitter: Real-time consumer engagement; Chapter 3: YouTube: If a picture tells a thousand words, what can a video do?; Chapter 4: Foursquare: Reaching Your Customers Where They Are;
Chapter 5: LinkedIn: From 1 Professional To Another…; Chapter 6: The Blogosphere: It’s a Mad, Mad (Blogger) World; Chapter 7: Flickr, MySpace, & the Thousands of Other Social Networks Out There; PART IV- Conclusion: Always be Likeable, and Your Customers Will Chase You

New to this Edition

New Features

  • Career Investigation - Showcases careers in biology to connect students with real-world application
  • Science and Technology - Relates scientific content to current technological advances and research
  • Issues in Biology - Analyzes current issues such as genetically modified food and antibiotic resistance, and promotes inquiry and classroom discussion
  • History of Biology - Reflects on past discoveries and important findings that have shaped biology today
  • Aboriginal Perspectives - Discusses the views of Canada's aboriginal and First Nations people on important biological topics