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BC Biology 12

© 2013
by Sylvia Mader Van Chau Michael Windelspecht

1st Edition Active, In-Print Hardcover
9781259088148 1259088146


Expanded content on cellular respiration and photosynthesis to support expected curriculum changes.

Developed by Sylvia Mader and a team of experienced BC educators to support the Biology 12 IRP.

Safety in the Biology Classroom
Chapter 1 The Study of Life

Unit A – Cell Biology

Chapter 2 The Molecules of Cells
Chapter 3 Cell Structure and Function
Chapter 4 DNA Structure and Gene Expression
Chapter 5 Metabolism: Energy and Enzymes
Chapter 6 Cellular Respiration
Chapter 7 Photosynthesis

Unit B – Human Body Systems

Chapter 8 Human Organization
Chapter 9 Digestive System
Chapter 10 Circulatory System and Lymphatic System
Chapter 11 Respiratory System
Chapter 12 Nervous System
Chapter 13 Urinary System
Chapter 14 Reproductive System

New Features

  • Career Investigation - Showcases careers in biology to connect students with real-world application
  • Science and Technology - Relates scientific content to current technological advances and research
  • Issues in Biology - Analyzes current issues such as genetically modified food and antibiotic resistance, and promotes inquiry and classroom discussion
  • History of Biology - Reflects on past discoveries and important findings that have shaped biology today
  • Aboriginal Perspectives - Discusses the views of Canada's aboriginal and First Nations people on important biological topics