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Mathematics 12: Workplace and Everyday Life

© 2010
by Steve Etienne

1st Edition Active, In-Print 311 Pages Paperback / softback
9780070908949 007090894X
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A resource written specifically for the Workplace Mathematics for Everyday Life (MEL4E) course. Important mathematical concepts and skills are developed in relevant contexts by students in ways that make sense to them.

Probability Glossary
Chapter 1 Probability
    Skills Practice 1: Fractions, Decimals, and Percents
1.1 What’s the Chance?
1.2 In a Perfect World
     Tech Tip: Experimenting with a Random Number Generator
     Skills Practice 2: Equivalent Fractions
1.3 Roll the Bones
1.4 Heads, Heads, Heads
1.5 Free Coffee
     Tech Tip: Using the Random Number Generator in a TI-83/84 Graphing Calculator
1.6 What Are the Odds?
Chapter 1 Review .
Chapter 1 Practice Test
Task: Play Klass Kasino
Money Matters Glossary
Chapter 2 Budgets
     Tech Tip: Using the TVM Solver
2.1 Savings Plans
2.2 Slicing Up the Pie
     Tech Tip: Using a Spreadsheet
2.3 Track Your Spending
2.4 Living Expenses
2.5 Managing Change
Chapter 2 Review
Chapter 2 Practice Test
Task: Out of Control
Chapter 3 Renting Accommodations
     Tech Tip: Research Accommodations
3.1 What’s Available?
3.2 Preparing to Move
     Skills Practice 3: Comparing Rental Prices
     Skills Practice 4: Writing a Cheque for Rent
3.3 Looking for the Better Buy
3.4 Rights and Responsibilities
     Skills Practice 5: Reading a Lease
3.5 Some Other Living Expenses
     Tech Tip: Adding Percent to a Number
     Skills Practice 6: Reading a Utility Bill
Chapter 3 Review
Chapter 3 Practice Test
Task: Leaving Town
Chapter 4 Filing A Tax Return
4.1 Income and Payroll Deductions
     Tech Tip: Using the CRA Payroll Calculator
4.2 The T4 and the T1
4.3 Tax Deductions and Tax Credits
     Skills Practice 7: Identifying Tax Deductions and Tax Credits
     Tech Tip: Using an Online Income Tax Calculator
4.4 Completing a Simple Tax Return
     Skills Practice 8: Completing a Tax Return
4.5 Self Employed?
Chapter 4 Review
Chapter 4 Practice Test
Task: Tax Planning
Chapter 5 Owning A Home
5.1 Home Search
     Tech Tip: Using the TVM Solver to Calculate Mortgage Payments
5.2 Buying a Home
5.3 The Cost of Owning a Home
Chapter 5 Review
Chapter 5 Practice Test
Task: Buying Your Dream Home
Measuring and Designing Glossary
Chapter 6 Measuring and Estimating
6.1 Length
6.2 Capacity
6.3 Estimating Large Numbers
     Skills Practice 9: Converting Between Imperial Measures
     Skills Practice 10: Converting Between Metric Measures
6.4 Converting Units
     Skills Practice 11: Using Ratio and Proportion to Convert Measurements
6.5 Converting Between Systems
6.6 Measurement Systems at Work and at Home
Chapter 6 Review
Chapter 6 Practice Test
Task: Plan A Shopping Trip
Chapter 7 Measurement and Design
7.1 2-D Scale Drawings
     Skills Practice 12: The 3–4–5 Method of Checking for a 90° Angle
     Skills Practice 13: Start Square and You’ll Finish Square
7.2 Perimeter and Area Applications .
7.3 Estimating the Cost of a Project
     Skills Practice 14: Calculating Surface Area
7.4 3-D Scale Models
7.5 Capacity and Volume Applications
7.6 Composite Shapes and Figures
Chapter 7 Review
Chapter 7 Practice Test
Task: Home Renovations
Centimetre Grid Paper
Conversion Tables

New to this Edition

  • Easy-to-manage, consumable workbook that follows the format of McGraw-Hill Ryerson's Math Essentials 9 and 10 and Mathematics 11: Workplace and Everyday Life
  • Supports classroom management challenges through the use of multiple short lesson parts and varied lessons to support teacher directed/group hands-on work and individual work to ensure flexibility and focus
  • Balance of open-ended and direct activities allow for multiple entry points
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