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Principles of Mathematics 9

© 2006
by Chris Dearling, Wayne Erdman, Fred Ferneyhough, Brian Mccudden, Fran Mclaren, Roland Meisel, Jacob Speijer

1st Edition Active, In-Print 640 Pages Hardback
9780070973190 0070973199
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A resource specifically written for the Principles of Mathematics 9 (MPM1D) course.

Chapter 1 Mathematical Processes
Get Ready
1.1 Focus on Problem Solving
1.2 Focus on Communicating
1.3 Focus on Connecting
1.4 Focus on Representing
1.5 Focus on Selecting Tools and Computational Strategies
1.6 Focus on Reasoning and Proving
1.7 Focus on Reflecting
Chapter 1 Review
Chapter 2 Relations
Get Ready
2.1 Hypotheses and Sources of Data
2.2 Sampling Principles
2.3 Use Scatter Plots to Analyse Data
2.4 Trends, Interpolation, and Extrapolation
2.5 Linear and Non-Linear Relations
2.6 Distance-Time Graphs
Chapter 2 Review
Chapter 2 Practice Test
Chapter 3 Polynomials
Get Ready
3.1 Build Algebraic Models Using Concrete Materials
3.2 Work With Exponents
3.3 Discover the Exponent Laws
3.4 Communicate With Algebra
Use Technology
  Virtual Algebra Tiles With The Geometer’s Sketchpad®
3.5 Collect Like Terms
3.6 Add and Subtract Polynomials
3.7 The Distributive Property
Use Technology
  Computer Algebra Systems
Chapter 3 Review
Chapter 3 Practice Test
Chapters 1 to 3 Review
Chapter 4 Equations
Get Ready
4.1 Solve Simple Equations
4.2 Solve Multi-Step Equations
4.3 Solve Equations Involving Fractions
4.4 Modelling With Formulas
4.5 Modelling With Algebra
Chapter 4 Review
Chapter 4 Practice Test
Chapter 5 Modelling With Graphs
Get Ready
5.1 Direct Variation
5.2 Partial Variation
5.3 Slope
5.4 Slope as a Rate of Change
5.5 First Differences
5.6 Connecting Variation, Slope, and First Differences
Chapter 5 Review
Chapter 5 Practice Test
Chapter 6 Analyse Linear Relations
Get Ready
6.1 The Equation of a Line in Slope y-Intercept Form: y _ mx _ b
6.2 The Equation of a Line in Standard Form: Ax _ By _ C _ 0
6.3 Graph a Line Using Intercepts
Use Technology
  Use The Geometer’s Sketchpad® to Explore Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
6.4 Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
6.5 Find an Equation for a Line Given the Slope and a Point
6.6 Find an Equation for a Line Given Two Points
6.7 Linear Systems
Chapter 6 Review
Chapter 6 Practice Test
Chapters 4 to 6 Review
Chapter 7 Geometric Relationships
Get Ready
7.1 Angle Relationships in Triangles
7.2 Angle Relationships in Quadrilaterals
7.3 Angle Relationships in Polygons
7.4 Midpoints and Medians in Triangles
7.5 Midpoints and Diagonals in Quadrilaterals
Chapter 7 Review
Chapter 7 Practice Test
Chapter 8 Measurement Relationships
Get Ready
8.1 Apply the Pythagorean Theorem
8.2 Perimeter and Area of Composite Figures
8.3 Surface Area and Volume of Prisms and Pyramids
8.4 Surface Area of a Cone
8.5 Volume of a Cone
8.6 Surface Area of a Sphere
8.7 Volume of a Sphere
Chapter 8 Review
Chapter 8 Practice Test
Chapter 9 Optimizing Measurements
Get Ready
9.1 Investigate Measurement Concepts
9.2 Perimeter and Area Relationships of a Rectangle
9.3 Minimize the Surface Area of a Square-Based Prism
9.4 Maximize the Volume of a Square-Based Prism 498
9.5 Maximize the Volume of a Cylinder
9.6 Minimize the Surface Area of a Cylinder
Chapter 9 Review
Chapter 9 Practice Test
Chapters 7 to 9 Review
Technology Appendix

New to this Edition

  • Instructional design based on the problem-solving model
  • Lessons structured to allow for different teaching methods
  • Extended practice and exercises, supported with additional on-line practice
  • Fully integrated technology
  • Comprehensive assessment support in Student Text include: 3-part exercise per lesson, Achievement Check Questions, End-of-Chapter Review, Rich Assessment Tasks, Chapter Test, and Cumulative Reviews
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