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MathLinks 7 Student Edition

© 2007
by Bruce Mcaskill Wayne Watt Stella Ablett Ralph Backe Blaise Johnson Michael Webb Eric Balzarini Tricia Licorish (perry) Blaise Johnson Rick Wunderlich Greg Mcinulty Chris Zarski

1st Edition Active, In-Print 548 Pages Hardback
9780070973350 0070973350

This new program was written to meet the general and specific outcomes of the new Common Curriculum Framework.

A Tour of Your Textbook
Problem Solving
CHAPTER 1 Coordinates and Design
1.1 The Cartesian Plane
1.2 Create Designs
1.3 Transformations
1.4 Horizontal and Vertical Distances
Chapter Review
Practice Test
Math Games: Going Fishing
Challenge in Real Life: Make an Animation 
CHAPTER 2 Operations on Decimal Numbers
2.1 Add and Subtract Decimal Numbers
2.2 Multiply Decimal Numbers
2.3 Divide Decimal Numbers
2.4 Order of Operations and Decimal Numbers
Chapter Review
Practice Test
Math Games: Decimal Delights
Challenge in Real Life: Rounding Digits and High-Tech Crime 
CHAPTER 3 Geometry and Measurement
3.1 Parallel and Perpendicular Line Segments
3.2 Draw Perpendicular Bisectors
3.3 Draw Angle Bisectors
3.4 Area of a Parallelogram
3.5 Area of a Triangle
Chapter Review
Practice Test
Math Games: Amazing Mazes
Challenge in Real Life: Bank Shots in the Game of Pool 
CHAPTER 4 Fractions, Decimals, and Percents
4.1 Connect Fractions, Decimals, and Percents
4.2 Fractions, Decimals, and Percents
4.3 Applications of Percents
Chapter Review
Practice Test
Math Games: Math’s a Snap
Challenge in Real Life: Fraction Converter for Everyday Life
Chapters 1—4 Review
Task: Create a Logo

CHAPTER 5 Probability
5.1 Probability
5.2 Organize Outcomes
5.3 Probabilities of Simple Independent Events
5.4 Applications of Independent Events
5.5 Conduct Probability Experiments
Chapter Review
Practice Test
Math Games: Is It a Match?
Challenge in Real Life: Crack the Code

CHAPTER 6 Introduction to Fraction Operations
6.1 Divisibility
6.2 Add Fractions With Like Denominators
6.3 Subtract Fractions With Like Denominators
Chapter Review
Practice Test
Math Games: It’s Divisible
Challenge in Real Life: Green Mathematics, Math Mosaics 
CHAPTER 7 Add and Subtract Fractions
7.1 Common Denominators
7.2 Add and Subtract Fractions With Unlike Denominators
7.3 Add Mixed Numbers
7.4 Subtract Mixed Numbers
Chapter Review
Practice Test
Math Games: Fraction Race
Challenge in Real Life: Magazine Design 
CHAPTER 8 Circles
8.1 Construct Circles
8.2 Circumference of a Circle
8.3 Area of a Circle
8.4 Interpret Circle Graphs
8.5 Create Circle Graphs
Chapter Review
Practice Test
Math Games: Make Spinner Games
Challenge in Real Life: Winner’s Circle
Chapters 5—8 Review
Task: Is This a Fair Game? 
CHAPTER 9 Add and Subtract Integers
9.1 Explore Integer Addition
9.2 Add Integers
9.3 Explore Integer Subtraction
9.4 Subtract Integers
9.5 Apply Integer Operations
Chapter Review
Practice Test
Math Games: Integer Word Game
Challenge in Real Life: Virtual Reality

CHAPTER 10 Patterns and Expressions
10.1 Describe Patterns
10.2 Variables and Expressions
10.3 Evaluate Expressions
10.4 Graph Linear Relations
Chapter Review
Practice Test
Math Games: Puzzling Expressions
Challenge in Real Life: Your Life Line 
CHAPTER 11 Solving Equations
11.1 Expressions and Equations
11.2 Solve One-Step Equations: x + a = b
11.3 Solve One-Step Equations: ax = b, x = b
11.4 Solve Two-Step Equations: ax + b = c
Chapter Review
Practice Test
Math Games: Equation Puzzles
Challenge in Real Life: Wrapping Gifts

CHAPTER 12 Working With Data
12.1 Median and Mode
12.2 Mean
12.3 Range and Outliers
12.4 The Effects of Outliers
12.5 Choose the Best Measure of Central Tendency
Chapter Review
Practice Test
Math Games: Data Duel
Challenge in Real Life: Managing a Business
Chapters 9—12 Review
Task: The Birthday Party



New to this Edition

  • Stronger focus on conceptual understanding, differentiated learning, and assessment with assessment for and of learning opportunities integrated into every lesson
  • Structured so that all students have a variety of learning opportunities
  • Includes access to the Online Student eBOOK (PDFs) with purchase of each Student Text
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