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Reality Imagined: Stories of Identity and Change is part of McGraw-Hill Ryerson's iLit Collection of supplementary student resources for high school English courses. This title is a 140?page, soft-cover book that includes 16 Canadian-authored short stories that will have you examining your identity, life's crises, and future. This resource is designed to be appropriate for a grade 9 or 10 reader.

The multi-genre iLit Collection presents infinitely inspiring selections with high school student appeal, written specifically for iLit by Canadian authors such as Joseph Boyden, Mark Kingwell, Martha Brooks, and many more. ELA educators also have many flexible options to build their own iLit student resources. iLit student resources can be purchased by searching and choosing from the selections available in the online iLit Digital Collection, and building customized print or digital resources for high school English courses " purchase only what you need and want! Visit www.iLit.ca to learn more.

Section 1: The Real Me

Who I’m Not
by Ted Staunton

by Richard Scrimger

There Are No Coconut Trees in Toronto
by Randy Boyagoda

by Jean Little

Tim’rous Beastie
by Linda Holeman

Everyone Here Is So Friendly
by Jessica Westhead

Section 2: Reality Bites

Mouth Piece
by Sheree Fitch

by Martha Brooks

Baby Love
by Kathy Stinson

by Lena Coakley

In Times of Drought
by Moez Surani

The Olive Leaf
by Tololwa M. Mollel

Section 3: What Next?

Marcus the Great
by Kim Moritsugu

To Sing with Whales
by Janet McNaughton

by Robert J. Wiersema

An Auspicious Day
by Caroline Pignat


  • Each selection includes an author bio, photograph, and a paragraph by the author entitled “What Inspired Me to Write This Selection” 
  • Before, During, After, and Beyond questions which accompany each selection supports critical analysis
  • To support visual literacy, every section includes great works of art, photographs, or commissioned art to match the text
  • Tips on vocabulary and grammar are included in most selections