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Real Math

© 2003
by McGraw-Hill

1st Edition In Process, Editorial 9780076053902 0076053903

more at href="http://www.review.realmath.com" target="_blank">www.review.RealMath.com style="font-weight: bold;"> style="color: rgb(68, 111, 191);">

Real Math's
true-to-life applications,
standards-based curriculum, and extensive teacher resources to help
your students develop essential math skills through engaging and
exciting lessons. Differentiated instruction helps you reach
every student in your classroom. Make AYP and meet state standards with
a proven, quality education for all students, including students in
need of intervention,
learners, and high-achieving students ready for enrichment.

Real Math's

comprehensive program gives you everything you need to
face the diverse challenges of your classroom:

  • Intervention lessons
  • Easy-to-use lesson plans
  • Activity ideas
  • Integrated technology
  • Enrichment
  • Reteaching strategies
  • Assessment opportunities
  • Engaging activities
  • Professional development

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SRA Real Math
to stronger math test scores by providing your students with:

  • Time-tested lessons
  • Explicit instruction
  • Proven teaching strategies
  • Ongoing assessment
  • Activities that build and reinforce mastery

Every SRA
Real Math
lesson has been rigorously field-tested and is
deeply rooted in author experiences and research.
Every chapter and lesson focuses on skill building and deeply develops
concepts. All lessons are carefully designed to:

  • Include continual practice and review of skills
  • Teach for depth of understanding
  • Provide for differentiated instruction
  • Develop math proficiency in all areas
Table of contents not available for this product

New to this Edition

Real Math
and the href="https://www.sraonline.com/rm_research.html?PHPSESSID=16e3ff6c781c752848ab03ca22a5ad94">research
behind this successful math program

style="font-weight: bold;">Student

Big Books

(Grade PreK)

Use these engaging counting books that include trade literature
specifically chosen for preschoolers to help you teach math concepts.

Student Edition style="font-weight: bold;"> (Grades K-6)

Take advantage of research-based lessons that offer development and
practice for all concepts.

Student Assessment Booklet
(Grades K-6)

Use this convenient assessment tool to help keep students on track.

Exercise Book
(Grades 3-6)

Build math skills using these exercises from the hardbound student
books to help students record their answers and show their work.

Practice Workbook style="font-weight: bold;"> (Grades K-6)

Get extra practice with this workbook version for every lesson.

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(Grades PreK-6)

Teacher's Editions provide systematic, explicit instruction
built on a foundation of successful mathematics research. A wealth
of background information and strategies help you provide
quality instruction.

Assessment style="font-weight: bold;"> (Grades PreK-6)

Evaluate student proficiency and determine instruction
through a wide variety of assessment options.

Intervention Support Guide style="font-weight: bold;"> (Grades K-6)

Bring all students up-to-speed with alternative approaches, more
intense instruction, and additional practice of prerequisite skills for
every chapter.

English Learner Support

(Grades K-6)

Take advantage of strategies for previewing and reviewing lesson
concepts and vocabulary.

Enrichment Support Guide
(Grades K-6)

Offer your students activities that are designed to expand lesson
concepts for every lesson.

Reteach Support Guide style="font-weight: bold;"> (Grades 1-6)

Use this tool to offer alternative strategies for presenting lesson

Home Connection
(Grades K-6)

Use this collection of newsletters, surveys, and activities to
encourage school-to-home communications.

Across the
Curriculum Math Connections
style="font-weight: bold;"> (Grades K-6)

Offer engaging cross-curricular projects and WebQuests to help develop
mathematical proficiency.

style="text-decoration: underline;">Games style="font-weight: bold;"> style="font-weight: bold;">

Full-color games and playing pieces provide a fun format for
reinforcing basic math skills. While students are practicing math
facts, they also use strategies that require critical and logical
thinking. These games were designed for the SRA style="font-style: italic;">Real Math program,
but can be used with any math program,

  • Game Mat
    Package (Grades K-6): Game Mats to be used with your entire class
    Grade Appropriate Game Mats (15 copies of each Game Mat); Student Game
    Bag Package (25); Game Mat Overheads; and Storage Container.
  • Home
    Connection Game
    Package (Grades K-6): Support
    learning at home
    with this engaging math games kit includes: Grade Appropriate Game Mats
    (1 copy of each Game Mat); Student Game Bag Package (2); Take Home
    Guide Sheet (1); and Storage Container.

style="text-decoration: underline;">Technology style="font-weight: bold;"> (Grades PreK-6)

SRA Real Math includes
a unique online technology suit. This one-of-a-kind fully
integrated suite lets you plan, teach, and assess quickly and easily.
Also included are dynamic student pieces such as an
e-textbook, e-games, and e-Math tools. Visit style="font-weight: bold;" href="http://www.review.realmath.com">www.review.realmath.com
to get a free trial account! In addition to the integrated
online e-Suite, each component is available on CD-ROM.

  • Real Math
    Technology Pack
    includes: ePlanner; eAsssess; eMathTools;
    eGames; and eTextbook
  • Real Math
    Technology Suite
    includes: Real Math Technology Pack plus
    ePresentation; Building Blocks; and Online Professional Development style="font-weight: bold;">

style="font-weight: bold;"> style="text-decoration: underline;">Manipulatives style="text-decoration: underline;"> style="font-weight: bold;">

Discover unique and thought-provoking manipulatives that engage,
excite, and build enthusiasm for math among students. Manipulative kits
are available in convenient packaging options and help build concept
development. SRA Real
has five kit groupings for Grades K-6 including:

  • Individual
    Manipulative Kits (Grades K-2): Individual kits for each
    includes: 0-5 Number Cube(1); 5-10 Number Cube
    (1); 0-5 "Tens" Number Cube (1); 5-10 "Tens" Number Cube (1); Number
    Strips (1) Set of 10; Clock (1); Interlocking Cubes (30); Pattern
    Blocks (35); Ruler (1); Attribute Blocks (20); Spinner (1); Counters
    (52); Desktop Number Line (1); Two-Sided Write On/Wipe Off 100 Chart;
    Addition Table (1); Play Money; and Fraction Tiles (1) 10-Piece Set.
  • Individual
    Manipulative Kits (Grades 3-5): Individual kits for each

    includes: 0-5 Number Cube(1); 5-10 Number Cube (1); Response Wheel (1);
    Equivalence Card Deck (1); Safety Compass (1); Protractor (1); Spinner
    (1); Counters (52); Tape Measure (1); Write On/Wipe Off Graph Paper
    (1); Two-Sided Write On/Wipe Off Addition and Multiplication Table (1);
    Play Money; and Fraction Tiles (1) 51-Piece Fraction Tile Set.
  • Essential
    Manipulative Kit (Grades K-2): Materials integral to teaching math
    includes: 0-5 Number Cubes (25); 5-10 Number
    Cubes (25); 0-5 "Tens" Number Cubes (25); 5-10 "Tens" Number Cubes
    (25); and Number Strips (25) Sets of 10.
  • Essential
    Manipulative Kit (Grades 3-6): Materials integral to teaching math
    includes: 0-5 "Tens" Number Cubes (25); 5-10
    "Tens" Number Cubes (25); Response Wheels (25); and Equivalence Card
    Deck (25).
  • Manipulative
    Topic Module (Grades K-6): Ten comprehensive modules
    Base 10:
    Cubes (1,000), Flats (2/Pkgs. of 10), Rods (Pkg. of 50), and
    Units (3/Pkg. of 100); Counting:
    Craft Sticks (box of 1000), Rubber Bands (Pkg of 400), Panda
    Bear Counters (Pkg. of 80), Math Link Cubes (3/ Pkgs. of 100);
    Sets and Fraction Circles (5), 51-Piece Sets (5); style="text-decoration: underline;">Geometry I:
    Pattern Blocks (1/Set of 250), Attribute Blocks (1/Set of 60), Models
    of Platonic
    Solids (1/ 7-Piece Set), and Mirror Cards (10); style="text-decoration: underline;">Geometry II:
    Geoboards with Rubberbands (10), Rubberbands (400 extra),
    Protractors (10), Safety Compass (10), Gummed Tape (2); style="text-decoration: underline;">Measurement I:
    Rulers (25), Tape Measures (15), Measuring Cups (1 Set) ,
    Liter Pitcher
    (1), Platform Balance (1), and Thermometer (1); style="text-decoration: underline;">Measurement II:
    Double-Pan Balance (1), Metric Weight Set (1), Customary Weight Set
    (1); Money:
    (600), Nickels (750), Dimes (450), Quarters (120), Half Dollars (60),
    Money Packet of Assorted Bills (25); style="text-decoration: underline;">Probability:
    Spinners (2 sets), Colored Counters (Pkg. of 200); and style="text-decoration: underline;">Time:
    Clock Faces (15), Stopwatches (15).
  • Teacher
    Manipulative Kit (Grade PreK): A variety of items to demonstrate math
    includes: 0-5 Number Cubes (25); 5-10 Number
    Cubes (25); Unifex Cubes (5) Pkg. of
    100; 0-5 "Tens" Number Cubes (25); 5-10 "Tens" Number Cubes (25); Dice
    with Dots (2); Pattern Blocks (1) Pkg. of 250; Dot Card Set (1);
    Attribute Blocks (1) Set of 60; Counters (1) Pkg. of 200; Numeral Cards
    (1) Set; Counting Cards (1) Set; Platonic Solids (1) 5-Piece Set; Dice
    with Numeral (2) Sets; Dinosaur Counters (4) Pkgs. of 100; Shape
    Counters (1) Pkg. of 500; Foam Shapes (2) Sets; Blank Wooden Number
    Cubes (10); Counting Board with Game Pieces (1), and Puppet (1).
  • Teacher
    Manipulative Kit (Grades K-6): A variety of items to demonstrate math
    includes: style="text-decoration: underline;">Overhead Set:
    Bills, Coins, Spinner, Pattern Blocks, Fraction Tiles, Fraction
    Circles, Attribute Blocks, Geoboard, Base Ten, Counters, and
    Calculator; Transparency
    : Number Strips, Hundreds Chart, Addition Table,
    Multiplication Table, and Graph Table; style="text-decoration: underline;">Measurement Tools: Demonstration
    Clock, Chalkboard Compass, Thermometer, Double-Pan Balance, Platform
    Scale, Metric Weight Set, Customary Weight Set, Platonic Solids,
    Geometry Poster, Percent/Fraction Slider, and Markers.
  • Calculator
    Package (Grades K-6)
    includes: Calculators (5)