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Real Math

© 2003
by McGraw-Hill

1st Edition In Process, Editorial 9780076053902 0076053903

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Real Math's
true-to-life applications,
standards-based curriculum, and extensive teacher resources to help
your students develop essential math skills through engaging and
exciting lessons. Differentiated instruction helps you reach
every student in your classroom. Make AYP and meet state standards with
a proven, quality education for all students, including students in
need of intervention,
learners, and high-achieving students ready for enrichment.

Real Math's

comprehensive program gives you everything you need to
face the diverse challenges of your classroom:

  • Intervention lessons
  • Easy-to-use lesson plans
  • Activity ideas
  • Integrated technology
  • Enrichment
  • Reteaching strategies
  • Assessment opportunities
  • Engaging activities
  • Professional development

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SRA Real Math
to stronger math test scores by providing your students with:

  • Time-tested lessons
  • Explicit instruction
  • Proven teaching strategies
  • Ongoing assessment
  • Activities that build and reinforce mastery

Every SRA
Real Math
lesson has been rigorously field-tested and is
deeply rooted in author experiences and research.
Every chapter and lesson focuses on skill building and deeply develops
concepts. All lessons are carefully designed to:

  • Include continual practice and review of skills
  • Teach for depth of understanding
  • Provide for differentiated instruction
  • Develop math proficiency in all areas
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