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SRA Vocabulary Picture Pack

© 2008
by McGraw-Hill

1st Edition Active, In-Print 9780076236206 007623620X

The style="font-weight: bold;">SRA Vocabulary Picture Pack
can be used in various settings to help students build background
knowledge in context. Research shows that using strong visuals
with differentiated activities at a learner's English ability level
helps them master the words they need to know. A multitude of
activities and visual vocabulary instruction help students connect
words and images in context.

Activity Menus focus
in 20 different topic areas (each package) with categories including:

  • Sounds and Letters
  • Words and Sentences
  • Cognitive Processes
  • Content Areas

Activity Types and
- a variety in each activity menu and based on
language proficiency for that activity

- activities are delivered by the
Language Practice
- provide opportunities for students to
practice spoken English

- make use of visuals to help students organize
- involve movement and use total body response
learning methods to teach concepts

- give examples of sentence frames that are
relevant to the topic or context
- for students to do on their own

Learning Strategies
- activities show students concrete
examples of strategies they can use to take charge of their own learning
- focus on developing writing in
conjunction with oral skill practice

Table of contents not available for this product

New to this Edition

The  style="font-weight: bold;">SRA Vocabulary Picture Pack
 components allow a teacher or instructor to use the materials
in many classroom settings at different times through the use of the
teacher-friendly, flexible formats.  Each Activity Menu can be
used at any time during regular classroom lesson time and in any order.
 In addition, TESOL has created a list of goals and standards
for students who are acquiring English and each style="font-weight: bold; font-style: italic;">SRA
Vocabulary Picture Pack Activity Menu contains a
reference on the front.

style="font-weight: bold;">Primary Package - Grades K-3

  • Teacher Activity Menus (20)
  • Teacher's Resource Guide
  • Photo Library Collections A, B, and C (10
    language translations for each term)
  • Dolch Popper Words Cards Sets 1 and 2
  • Math Vocabulary Card Package 1 (10 language
    translations for each term)

style="font-weight: bold;">

style="font-weight: bold;">Expanded Package - Grades 3-8

  • Teacher Activity Menus (20)
  • Teacher's Resource Guide
  • Photo Library Collections A, B, and C (10
    language translations for each term)
  • Science Photo Library Collections Life, Earth, and
    Physical (10 language translations for each term)
  • Dolch Popper Words Cards Sets 1 and 2
  • Math Vocabulary Card Package 1 and 2 (10 language
    translations for each term)

Teacher Activity Menus and Teacher Resource Guides are different for
each package.

Activity Menus (20) -
Provide activities for
use with students in a variety of situations.

  • Three different English proficiency levels including
    Beginner, Early Intermediate, and Intermediate. 
  • Professional development notes contain research references,
    best practices, and TESOL standard correlations.
  • Category areas with focus in phonics and phonemic
    awareness, learning words, action words, asking questions, sequencing,
    locations, classroom practices, content area in science, math, social
    studies, and academic vocabulary.

Resource Guide -
Contains resources, scope,
and standards to assist you during instruction.

  • Activity Menu Scope
  • TESOL Standards
  • English proficiency level descriptions
  • Sentence frame models
  • Activity descriptions
  • Picture pack card lists

- The photo libraries each contain
630 vocabulary photo cards, which are divided into themed sections. The
front of each photo card contains a photograph of the object. The back
of each card contains a description of the term and a translation of
the term in 10 different languages.  The collections all
contain T-chart and sorting mats, political maps, world and U.S
physical maps, and ideas.

SRA Photo Library


  • Animals
  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Earth
  • Human Body
  • Plants

style="text-decoration: underline;">Collection B

  • Clothing
  • Food
  • Recreation
  • School
  • Toys

style="text-decoration: underline;">Collection C

  • Equipment
  • Home
  • Occupations
  • Structures
  • Transportation

SRA Science Photo Library

style="font-weight: bold;"> style="text-decoration: underline;"> style="text-decoration: underline;">Life

  • Plants
  • Invertebrates
  • Vertebrates
  • Humans
  • Ecology


  • Space
  • Weather and Water
  • Changing Earth
  • Inside Earth
  • Earth’s Surface


  • Energy
  • Force and Motion
  • Matter and Change
  • Science in Society
  • Science Equipment

Dolch Popper Word Cards - The 220 Popper Word Cards (110
in each set) show the essential sight words that students need to

SRA Math Vocabulary Cards style="font-weight: bold;"> - 50 cards in each
package show images of math terms to provide visuals to students.
 Each card contains a description and 10 language translations
for each term.