BC Science 8: Connections Student Edition

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by Van Chau, Paul Britton, Rosalind Poon, Lionel Sandner, Nancy Mcaleer, Gregg Jennens

1st Edition Active, In-Print Book
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BC Science Connections

Inspire -all new curriculum-aligned resources that engage students with dynamic content, numerous activities, and a rich array of digital resources ensure students gain an understanding of the big ideas and connect science to the world around them

Inquire -new activities and labs developed and tested by BC teachers in the classroom offer a wide variety of problem-based and inquiry options from directed, guided and open to meet each students needs

Connect -BC Science: Connections is written by the team of BC educators you've come to trust. Their years of classroom experience, work implementing the new curriculum, and active support through on-going BC Science Institutes will help you to gain timely implementation strategies, new ideas, better understand the new curriculum and access teacher best practices.

BC Science 8: Connections



First Peoples Perspective in Science

Tour of the Textbook

Unit 1: Life processes are performed at the cellular level

Topic 1.1: What are the characteristics of living things?

Topic 1.2: Where do living things come from?

Topic 1.3: How are cells different from one another?

Topic 1.4: What interactions occur between humans and micro-organisms?

Topic 1.5: How does the body protect us from pathogens?

Topic 1.6: What medicines help protect us from microbes that make us sick?

Unit 2: The behaviour of matter can be explained by the kinetic molecular theory and atomic theory

Topic 2.1: How does matter affect your life?

Topic 2.2: What are some ways to describe matter?

Topic 2.3: How can we describe and explain the states of matter?

Topic 2.4: How can we investigate and explain the composition of atoms?

Unit 3: Energy can be transferred as both a particle and a wave

Topic 3.1: How does electromagnetic radiation shape your world?

Topic 3.2: How can the models explain the properties of electromagnetic radiation?

Topic 3.3: How does light behave when it encounters different materials and surfaces?

Topic 3.4: How does light behave when it is reflected?

Topic 3.5: How does light behave when it moves from one medium to another?

Unit 4: The theory of plate tectonics explains Earth's geological processes.

Topic 4.1: What ideas, observations, and evidence led to the theory of plate tectonics?

Topic 4.2: What are plate tectonics and how is their movement linked to geological processes?

Topic 4.3: How does the theory of plate tectonics explain Earth's geological processes?

Topic 4.4: How do geological features and processes affect where and how we live?

Appendix A: Science Skills

Appendix B: Literacy Skills

Appendix C: References



New to this Edition

  • BC Science 8: Connections provides:

    Support for place-based learning and integrates First Peoples’ ways of knowing into your science classroom

    Builds students confidence with solid science content that is easy to understand and provides the background necessary to personalized inquiry

    Engages students with relevant science content, dynamic visuals and intriguing labs

    Develops and supports scientific literacy engages students with dynamic content, lab experiences and a rich array of resources to ensure students understand the big ideas

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