iWonder 8: An Inquiry-Based Anthology Student Edition 5 Pack

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iWonder 8 is a new, engaging series published specifically to support the new British Columbia English Language Arts 8 curricula. This resource is designed around an inquiry framework, with a definition of inquiry in student-friendly language and a detailed graphic organizer showing an inquiry process.

This is followed by two lessons:

A modelled inquiry lesson with two BC students sharing their insights on their own inquiry and their final products

A guided inquiry lesson to support a gradual release model

This resource also includes a range of approximately 25 short, contemporary literary texts, organized in five topics that support guided or independent inquiries. Over 20% of the literary selections are written by Canadian Aboriginal authors (many of whom are from BC).

Each selection includes "Before, During, and After" instruction, which is aligned with the new BC Big Ideas, as well as the Curricular Competency and Content Learning Standards.

The Teacher Resource contains support for all of the questions and activities, as well as ideas for assessment and how to introduce inquiry into the ELA Classroom.


iWonder 8

Table of Contents


Inquiry-Based Learning

Good Inquiry Questions and Responses

A Modelled Mini-Inquiry

A Guided Mini-Inquiry


I Am from...

Poetry by Various Students

John Joseph, The Boy Whose Last Name is a First Name

Graphic Story by Joe Ollmann

This Picture Represents Me

Visual Representation by Kenneth Sutherland

Be Who You Are

Ad Campaign by Robin Rice

My Box of Letters

Poem by Lee Maracle


Sometimes, Nonna

Memoir by Samantha Curk

Hell's Gate

Short Story by Sunshine O'Donovan

Living by the Sea

Graphic Poem by Donna Morrissey


Short Story by Emily Hepditch

Holding Harley

Short Story by Jocelyn Shipley


An Auspicious Day

Short Story by Caroline Pignat

Make 'Em Laugh

Spoken Word by David Silverberg

Race Day

Poetry by Nicola I. Campbell


Short Story by Richard Scrimger

On Thin Ice

Short Story by John Lemon


Alcatraz: The Escape-Proof Prison?

Article by Andrew Offman

The Teenage Brain

Article by Vincenzo Ravina


Short Story by Mark Leslie

The Olive Leaf

Short Story by Tololwa M. Mollel

A Day in the Life of Astronaut Chris Hadfield

Timeline by Rosalind Poon


Footprints in the Snow

Poem by Nichola Batzel

History Lesson

Poem by Jeanette Armstrong

Storm Chaser

Profile by James Romanow

To Sing with Whales

Short Story by Janet McNaughton

Watery Wasteland

Informational Text by Therese Forsythe

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