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10 Geography Apps to Use in the Classroom

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Are you looking for a new way to teach your students geography?

Opening an atlas isn’t the same as exploring the 3D world an app offers. Check out our list of 10 apps that will strengthen your students’ map reading skills and knowledge of countries, capitals, and cultures!


Atlas 2016 – Android & iOS (Free) – Recommended for Children Ages 4+ (Everyone)

Atlas 2016 provides up-to-date world maps. Users view full-screen maps using pinch gestures to zoom in and out. This app features offline maps. Users can view maps at any time without internet access!


Google Earth – Android & iOS (Free) – Recommended for Children Ages 4+ (Everyone) 

Google Earth allows users to fly around the planet with one swipe of a finger. 3D imagery gives a true sense of flying above a city. This app is useful when searching for cities, business, houses and neighbourhoods etc. Children can see their city from a new perspective.


Geomaster Plus – Android ($1.59) & iOS ($2.79) – Recommended for Children Ages 4+ (Everyone) 

Geomaster is a fast-paced game app. Players have 21 games to choose from. For each timed game, players are given a location and they must put an X on the correct location. This app reinforces players’ knowledge of historical landmarks, cities, and terrain features.


ArcGIS – Android & iOS (Free) – Recommended for Children Ages 4+ (Everyone) 

ArcGis teaches children how to use maps. Users can search for cities or locations and the app provides realistic descriptions. This app features a share option that allows students to share maps or their findings with one another.


GeoBee Challenge – Android ($1.99) & iOS (2.79) – Recommended for Children Ages 9 -13 

Are you smarter than a fourth grader? This app is designed for students in grade 4 – 8, but can be fun and challenging for all ages. The GeoBee Challenge App features three quiz rounds: multiple choice round, map challenge round, and the bonus round. Players are rewarded more points the faster they answer the questions.


Bonza National Geographic – Android & iOS (Free) – Recommended for Everyone 

Bonza National Geographic allows users to explore the world of National Geographic. Players complete word searches, jigsaw puzzles and trivia to solve puzzles. The app highlights animals, travel, planet earth and science. As an added feature, users get free daily puzzles based on current events.


Barefoot World Atlas – iOS ($6.99) – Recommended for Children Ages 9 -11 

Barefoot World Atlas allows children explore the continents, oceans and environments. As they travel from country to country, they meet people from different countries and learn about their new acquaintance’s way of life. With a tap of the finger, children can view wildlife, landmarks and natural features. This app is a fun way to introduce children to new cultures.


Jazzy World Tour – iOS (Free) – Recommended for Children Ages 5 – 10 

Players join two kittens on a journey around the world, in a hot air balloon. As they make their way around the world, the kittens explore each country’s unique music and culture. Each country has a quiz section to test children on what they have learned. Players can take photos and create videos to add to their travel album.


World Citizen – Android ($0.99) – Recommended for Everyone

World Citizen is a quiz game app. Players learn the capitals and flags of all the countries in the world. The app comes with an index of all the countries for a quick reference.


MapMaster: Geography Game – Android (Free) – Recommended for Everyone

MapMaster tests players’ knowledge of landmark locations. Users are given a missions to pinpoint capitals, mountains and other landmarks. To add an element of pressure, players are asked to locate countries, rivers, lakes and mountains as fast as they can in the time attack round. MapMaster can be used as a single or multi-player app. Up to ten players can compete on one device.


To engage and motivate your students in new ways that integrate technology into the classroom, consider using one of the geography apps listed above.

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