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6 Online Math Resources & Games

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Sometimes, it’s easier to get by with a little help from our friends. That’s why some people have put time and effort in to developing online resources for teachers and students to use in their classrooms and help encourage learning. If you do a search online, you’ll likely be able to find several resources for your subject area. To save you time, we’ve rounded up a couple top resources for different subject areas. This week, we’ll be starting with some of the best math resources found online. Check out the links below and see what you can use in your math class!


6 Math Resources to Use in Your Class


math 30-1Mathematics 30-1Grade 9-12 – This website houses a variety of lessons, practice exams, videos and animations to help students learn math at the high school level. The content is free and contains 24 lessons that can be accessed on YouTube, making it easy for students to access on their tablet or smartphone.



eworkshopEworkshop.on.caKindergarten – Grade 6 – This website focuses on supplying math resources for students in Kindergarten to grade 6 in Ontario. It covers a variety of numeracy modules and includes printable documents and videos.



mathcentralMath CentralKindergarten to Grade 12 – Developed by the University of Regina and the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences, this website has a wealth of resources for both teachers and students. For teachers, there are resources spanning from elementary to secondary school, covering all provinces. There is also a page where students can search and submit math questions and receive answers from a panel of consultants.


math-frogMath FrogGrade 4-6 – This website is for students and teachers as well. Teachers can access class planning resources for grades 4-6, including fun games to play in class with relevant follow-up questions to help learn the skills. There is also a page for students with links to online games for them to learn and test their math skills.


yummymathYummy Math
Grade 3-12 – Although this site was created in the U.S., it houses a lot of activities that can be adapted in Canada. Ranging from grade 3 to high school, you can also search the activities by genre to find a more specific activity to suit your needs.



pbsPBS LearningMediaPreK – Grade 12 – This site offers a variety of resources for math learners ranging from PreK to grade 12 and beyond. Search by subject or grade level to see what activities or lesson plans are available for your class. Bonus: this site has pages for other subjects for those who teach a variety of classes.


For some students math can be challenging – whether they find it difficult or are just not interested. Using these resource links is a great way to find new and interesting ways to teach math and better help to captivate your students.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for the top resources for other subjects.

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