7 Online Science Resources & Games

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It’s not always easy to make learning certain subjects fun for all your students. If you’re having a hard time coming up with new ideas or different ways to approach a topic, there are a variety of resources online that can help.

This week, we’re tackling 7 science resources that can help you teach your subjects in a new way.


7 Online Science Resources & Games

discovery-educationDiscovery Education CanadaKindergarten – Grade 12 – This website has free resources sorted by subject, including Science resources for students in kindergarten through high school. Expect lesson plans for all grades, covering a variety of topics. There is even a section that covers science fairs!



govt-of-canadaGovernment of CanadaKindergarten – Grade 12 – Check out this site for lesson plans and activities targeting all ages and spanning a wide range of topics. You can also find several activity books that you can use in your classroom, including 23 fun experiments and activities.



govt-of-canadaAsk a Scientist!
All ages – This is actually a branch of the Government of Canada website, but deserves special recognition. Students are invited to come up with their most challenging science questions to submit to the Government of Canada and have them answered by an expert. Prior questions can also be searched by topic.



CSTMCanada Science and Technology MuseumGrades 2- 12 – On this site you’ll find a selection of ‘virtual programs,’ each targeting different age ranges. You can download the entire guide for each program or the modules for each program for free.



govt-of-canadaCanadian Nuclear Safety Commission
Grades 2 – 12 – Another facet of the Government of Canada, this particular branch focuses on Nuclear energy. You’ll find a variety of materials from fact sheets to teaching tools, videos and infographics.




grems-awayGerms AwayGrades 4 – 6 – This game is part of the Northern Antibiotic Resistance Partnership and aims to teach kids in grades 4-6 about the spread of infectious diseases. Students can play the game to learn more about germs and teachers can download helpful resources like posters and activities to share with their class.


CMNCanadian Museum of Nature
Grades 1-8 – In addition to lesson plans, this website also hosts a variety of online interactive programs that include games and activities for students to try out. There are even some free colouring pages that can be used for all ages.



Making education fun and engaging is a great way to help students retain information and take pleasure in learning. Try incorporating some of these resources in your class to help your students learn in a new way.

Make sure to check back in the coming weeks when we tackle the best learning resources for English classes.

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