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Introducing busuu: Technology for Language Learning & Teaching

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Learning a new language is no easy task. From reading and listening to writing and speaking, there are many moving parts that must come together in order for learners to achieve mastery.

At McGraw-Hill, we believe learning changes everything. That’s why we’ve partnered with busuu – the world’s leading social network for language learning with over 60 million global users and 12 different language courses. busuu PRO can be used for university, high school or language school classes, and can tie into your current curriculum to provide additional support for your learners.



High-Quality Language Courses

busuu delivers fun, interactive exercises that allow students to practice vocabulary with audio-visual content. Each high-quality course is created by a team of language learning experts. The bite-sized lessons are great for students and can be applied to every life, work and travel.

This award-winning app also features a social network in which students can practice their skills with native speakers of the language, receiving corrections to their work. Students also have the chance to repay the favour to those learning their native language, creating friendships with global users.

Users of busuu PRO also have access to features like:

  • Flashcards
  • Writing exercises
  • Travel course
  • Quizzes and official certificates
  • Grammar exercises
  • Vocabulary trainer

Learn Anywhere, Anytime

Students using busuu are not limited by their internet connection. No matter where they are – having a coffee break or waiting to meet up with friends – busuu lessons can be accessed offline. By downloading lessons ahead of time, busuu is available to students no matter where they are.

Proven Results

busuu is confident that their methodology helps people learn to speak a new language, but they wanted to prove this through an academic efficacy study. busuu worked with an independent research team in the US, who had previously conducted efficacy studies into a number of other language learning software providers.

The busuu Efficacy Study was conducted from February to April 2016 and focused on 196 beginner-level Spanish leaners in London and New York. Each learner took college placement Spanish language and oral proficiency tests at the beginning and end of the study, while using busuu 2 hours a week for 8 weeks. The students’ improvements were gauged by comparing the results of the initial tests to the final tests. Overall, the study showed:

  • 84% of learners improved their written proficiency
  • More than 75% of learners improved their oral proficiency by at least one level
  • Over the two months, busuu learners needed to study an average of 22.5 hours to cover what is required in one college semester of Spanish
  • Around 42% of learners improved by at least one college semester level in written proficiency
  • 86% of users found busuu easy to use and 78% of learners found it enjoyable


Using busuu in Your Class

Whether you are teaching a university, college, high school or language school course, busuu can be incorporated as a helpful language learning tool. Each student will receive a busuu PRO license and instructors benefit from a management platform. Instructors are able to build on what they teach in class by assigning tasks to be done as homework. The dashboard included in busuu PRO also allows instructors to track progress and give their students credit for work completed.

To learn more about how busuu PRO can be used in conjunction with your course curriculum, reach out to your learning solutions consultant today.

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