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Chapter 1. Marketing's Role Within the Firm or Nonprofit Organization
Chapter 2. Strategic Market Planning and the Evaluation of Marketing Opportunities
Chapter 3. The Changing Marketing Environment
Chapter 4. Using Marketing Information to Make Better Decisions
Chapter 5. The Canadian Consumer Market: Demographic and Economic Dimensions
Chapter 6. Behavioural Dimensions of the Consumer Market
Chapter 7. The Buying Behaviour of Business and Organizational Customers
Chapter 8. Finding Target Markets Through Segmentation
Chapter 9. Product Planning for Goods and Services
Chapter 10. Product Management and New Product Development
Chapter 11. Place and Development of Channel Systems
Chapter 12. Logistics and Distribution
Chapter 13. Retailers, Wholesales, and Strategic Planning
Chapter 14. Promotion-Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communications
Chapter 15. Personal Selling
Chapter 16. Advertising and Sales Promotion
Chapter 17. Pricing Objectives and Policies
Chapter 18. Price Setting in the Business World
Chapter 19. Developing Innovative Marketing Plans
Chapter 20. Implementing and Controlling Marketing Plans
Chapter 21. Managing Marketing's Link with Other Functional Areas
Chapter 22. Ethical Marketing in a Consumer-Oriented World

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