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Canadian Copyright Law

Canadian Copyright Law, 3/e


Lead Author : Lesley Harris
Division : Canada Trade
ISBN : 0070741581
© 2001 | 3rd Edition | 332 pages , Softcover
Status : Active, In-Print
Price: $26.99
Online Learning Centre:


The explosion of the Internet and other new media is making copyright a concern for more Canadians that ever before. In Canadian Copyright Law, author Lesley Ellen Harris demystifies this rapidly changing area of law and sets out its fundamental principles in everyday language.

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1: Understanding Intellectual Property
  • Chapter 2: Copyright Law in Canada
  • Chapter 3:Is your creation eligible for copyright protection?
  • Chapter 4: Are formalities required to obtain copyright protection
  • Chapter 5: How does international copyright protection work?
  • Chapter 6: What is protected by copyright?
  • Chapter 7: Who owns copyright
  • Chapter 8: The Duration of Copyright
  • Chapter 9: Rights Protected by Copyright
  • Chapter 10:Limitations of Rights
  • Chapter 11: How can rights be exploited?
  • Chapter 12: How is copyright violated?
  • Chapter 13: What are the remedies for the violation of copyright?
  • Chapter 14: Using Copyright Materials
  • Chapter 15: Canadian and American Copyright Laws: A Comparison
  • Chapter 16: Digital Copyright and Electronic Rights
  • Appendix I: Copyright Act
  • Appendix II: Application for Registration of Copyright and Certificate of Registration
  • Appendix III: Member Countries of Berne Convention, the UCC and the WTO
  • Endnotes
  • Index
  • About the Author

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