The Process of Parenting

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by Jane B. Brooks

9th Edition 656 Pages Paperback / softback
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The Process of Parenting describes the many ways parents and caregivers can translate their love for children into effective parenting behavior. The book has strong emphasis on the development process in terms of children's and parents? growth as complex individuals, and in the changing nature of their relationships over time. Because parents and children are distinct individuals, the book includes a problem-solving approach that can help parents arrive at solutions that fit them, their children, and their life circumstances. The ninth edition includes new first person narrative boxes and more emphasis on social context, new evidence-based parenting programs, and international parenting.


Part I General Concepts, Goals, and Strategies of Parenting Chapter 1. Parenting Is A Process Chapter 2. Cultural Influences on Parenting Chapter 3. Learning to Parent Chapter 4. Becoming Parents Chapter 5. Nurturing Close Family Relationships in a Technological Society Chapter 6. Supporting Children's Growth and Development

Part II Parenting at Developmental Stages Chapter 7. Parenting Children from Birth to Two Years Chapter 8. Parenting Children in Early Childhood Chapter 9. Parenting Early Elementary School Children Chapter 10. Parenting Early Adolescents Chapter 11. Parenting Late Adolescents and Young Adults

Part III Parenting in Varying Life Circumstances Chapter 12. Working and Parenting Chapter 13. Parents by Adoption and Parents by Reproductive Technology Chapter 14. Parenting When Unmarried Chapter 15. Parenting in Divorced Families and Remarried Families Chapter 16. Parenting in Lesbian and Gay Families Chapter 17. Parenting in Challenging Times Epilogue Notes Credits Index

New to this Edition

More emphasis throughout on new evidence-based parenting programs and interventions, as well as the social context in which parent-child interactions occur.

More emphasis throughout on international parenting.

New First Person Narratives boxes illustrate research concepts or processes discussed in each chapter in terms of real-life experiences of individuals.

Retained Features

Up-to-date research on children's growth guides parents in rearing their children, offering research-based reassurance for new life challenges.

Each chapter opens with a brief newspaper summary of a contemporary issue in parenting to focus students on the challenges and opportunities for families in the 21st Century. Throughout, the text emphasizes parents' experiences--their worries, fears, and joys--in the process of rearing children, with a focus on strategies for dealing with frustrations and difficulties as well as ways to increase the joys.

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