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by Charles W. L. Hill, Thomas Mckaig

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Global Business Today is intended for the first international business course at either the undergraduate or the MBA level. The Fourth Canadian edition (1) integrates the Canadian perspective on international business and Canada's place within the international business environment, (2) is comprehensive and up-to-date, (3) goes beyond an uncritical presentation and shallow explanation of the body of knowledge, and (4) focuses on implications for business.

Global Business Today makes important theories, issues, and practices accessible and interesting to Canadian students through both Canadian and International examples. The Fourth edition pays close attention to small- and medium- sized enterprises and their push onto the international business scene.

New to Global Business Today, is McGraw-Hill leading technology, which supports the widest range of teaching and learning, whether in a face-to-face class, technology enhanced class, or in a totally distance learning environment. The Fourth Canadian edition offers innovative options to faculty and students including Connect, a homework management solution that includes an interactive eBook, LearnSmart adaptive technology, direct text End-of-Chapter problems, Videos and case studies that provide unlimited opportunity for students to review, practice and study, and automatic grading with detailed feedback. Combine Global Business Today, Fourth Canadian edition with leading Connect/LearnSmart and SmartBook technology for a successful student learning experience.

Chapter 1: Globalization
Chapter 2: Country Differences in Political Economy
Chapter 3: The Cultural Environment
Chapter 4: Ethics in International Business
Chapter 5: International Trade Theories
Chapter 6: The Political Economy of International Trade
Chapter 7: Foreign Direct Investment
Chapter 8: Regional Economic Integration
Chapter 9: The Foreign Exchange Market
Chapter 10: The Global Monetary System
Chapter 11: Global Strategy
Chapter 12: Entering Foreign Markets
Chapter 13: Exporting, Importing, and Countertrade
Chapter 14: Global Marketing and R&D
Chapter 15: Global Manufacturing and Materials Management
Chapter 16: Global Human Resource Management
New to this Edition

NEW - Innovative Connect Technology - The Fourth Canadian edition has Connect, an enhanced learning experience for students, including SmartBook - the first and only adaptive reading experience powered by LearnSmart, Connect eBook, and many additional study resources. Instructors may access all of the instructor resources in one location within Connect, and can easily assign Quizzes, Interactive Applications, and Test Bank material using Connect. Connect is available to be packaged with the text or is available separately.

NEW refreshed visual design and chapter layout - with Learning Objectives clearly identified and pedagogical elements enhanced, the text or eBook are a useful aid in student learning.

NEW and Updated Pedagogy - New Opening Cases (10) and Closing Cases (8), new Learning Objective Summary sections at the end of each chapter along with thought-provoking questions at the end of each Management Focus and Country Focus boxes

Updated examples and references - many of the chapters have had updated Management Focus boxes that illustrate the relevance of the chapter material for the practice of international business.

Cesim Global Challenge is an International Business simulation designed to develop student understanding of the interaction and complexity of various business disciplines and concepts in a rapidly evolving, competitive business environment. The simulation has a particular focus on creating long term, sustainable, and profitable growth of a global technology company. Student teams make decisions about technology-based product roadmaps, and global market and production strategies involving economics, finance, human resources, accounting, procurement, production, logistics, research and innovation, and marketing. Cesim improves the knowledge retention, business decision making and teamwork skills of students. Available to be packaged with the text. (ISBN 1259200604)

IB Video Library is a collection of 16 video clips on international topics relating to this course, available through Connect.

Retained Features

Comprehensive And Up-To-Date coverage - Global Business Today pays close attention to key issues such as how and why world countries differ; why a comprehensive review of economics and politics of international trade and investments is necessary in understanding international trade; the functions and form of the global monetary system and how it is tied to global trade, and more.

Unique pedagogical Research Tool - Using the text and the GlobalEDGE Web site,, students solve realistic international business problems related to each chapter. These exercises expose students to the types of tools and data sources international managers use to make informed business decisions.

Chapter 4 - Ethics in International Business - Updated to reflect recent Canadian and International events, greater emphasis is placed on this vitally important topic. Like the text, the chapter is both rigorous and practical, covering not only the foundations of ethics, but also how ethics informs strategy as well as "how-to" steps for implementing ethics into strategic operational decisions. This chapter provides efficient coverage of ethics, which is recommended by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

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