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by William Nickels, James Mchugh, Susan Mchugh, Rita Cossa, Julie Stevens, Bob Sproule

9th Edition Online resource
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Understanding Canadian Business Ninth edition remains current — featuring the latest business practices and other developments affecting business including sustainability, motivation myths, Generation Z, green, ethnic, and mobile marketing. Nickels remains comprehensive and user-friendly with the authors listening to student and instructor feedback and making changes and enhancements based upon many of the recommendations.

The author team have used their own materials, and are dialled into what's happening in business and in the classroom, and right now, what's happening, is "change". The message "no more business as usual" is one that resonates in Nickels 9e — in the content and in the way in which technology is being integrated.

PART 1 BUSINESS TRENDS: CULTIVATING A BUSINESS IN DIVERSE GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTS CHAPTER 1 The Dynamic Business Environment CHAPTER 2 How Economic Issues Affect Business CHAPTER 3 Competing in Global Markets CHAPTER 4 The Role of Government in Business APPENDIX A Working Within the Legal Environment of Business CHAPTER 5 Ethics and Social Responsibility PART 2 BUSINESS OWNERSHIP AND SMALL BUSINESS CHAPTER 6 Forms of Business Ownership CHAPTER 7 Entrepreneurship and Starting a Small Business APPENDIX B Entrepreneur Readiness Questionnaire PART 3 LEADERSHIP, ORGANIZATION, AND PRODUCTION TO SATISFY CUSTOMERS CHAPTER 8 Management and Leadership CHAPTER 9 Structuring Organizations for Today's Challenges CHAPTER 10 Producing World-Class Goods and Services PART 4 MANAGEMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES CHAPTER 11 Motivating Employees CHAPTER 12 Human Resource Management: Finding and Keeping the Best Employees CHAPTER 13 Dealing with Employee&mdashManagement Issues and Relations PART 5 MARKETING: DEVELOPING AND IMPLEMENTING CUSTOMER-ORIENTED MARKETING PLANS CHAPTER 14 Marketing: Helping Buyers Buy CHAPTER 15 Managing the Marketing Mix: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion PART 6 ACCOUNTING INFORMATION AND FINANCIAL ACTIVITIES CHAPTER 16 Understanding Accounting and Financial Information CHAPTER 17 Financial Management APPENDIX C Managing Risk CHAPTER 18 The Financial Services Industry in Canada APPENDIX D Managing Personal Finances
New to this Edition

Enhanced Connect Technology --
Nickels Connect makes digital teaching and learning personal, easy, and effective for both instructors and students.
  • Connect's personal experience includes SmartBook, the adaptive reading and study experience that makes study time productive and efficient
  • Connect offers the most robust collection of instructor and student resources that are easy to integrate into LMS systems.
  • Connect is an effective learning tool helping users to get better results in less time and was recently recognized in the software industry by three -
  • 2015 CODiE Awards for education technology including
  • "Best Postsecondary Personalized Learning Solution". Connect is available to be packaged with the text or is available separately.

Connect Insight - is a one of a kind visual analytics dashboard -- available for instructors - that provides at-a-glance information on key insights about student performance that is immediately actionable. Information includes "How is my section doing?", "How are my students doing?", "How is this student doing?", "How are my assignments doing?", and "How is this assignment doing?"

6 NEW Manager in the Hot Seat videos - in addition to 14 other MHS videos - these interactive videos immerse the student in realistic office situations dealing with difficult employees and employees in complex situations. How will the student approach and handle each situation as they are put in the manager's shoes? Ideal for group work, in-class discussion with Updated Instructor Notes.

New and Updated Pedagogy - 10 NEW Opening Business Profiles, new mini-Cases, updated features and figures throughout each chapter. Boxed features have been updated with new business examples, ethical or sustainable examples that students can relate to. For example in Chapter 2 - Seeking Sustainability features the 2015 Pan Am and Para Pan Am Games and what went into its success and the lasting impact; while Chapter 3 -- Spotlight on Small Business features the video gaming world and Canada's ranking and impact in the gaming world and for Canada.

Retained Features

Student Success Approach — Nickels has a friendly tone and steady reading level and is well received and acknowledged for its — Student Success Approach — Technology for Student Success and ESL/International Student Recognition includes SmartBook, videos, audio and multi-lingual glossaries, a unique chapter on Government and Business — an advantage over the competition from the point of view of the ESL students that may be unfamiliar with Canadian culture.

Relevant Themes — The critical themes that are relevant to an intro to business course have been updated and highlighted, including: ecommerce, sustainability, small business and entrepreneurship, global business, technology and change, customer focus, ethics and social responsibility, teams and teamwork, quality, and cultural diversity. The authors continue to feature boxes titled "Spotlight on Small Business", "Making Ethical Decisions", "Dealing with Change" and "Reaching Beyond our Borders" - all designed to emphasize the dynamic and ever-changing nature of business.

Comprehensive Coverage. Nickels offers comprehensive coverage of business including sections on Human Resource Management, Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Operations Management, Information Technology, Entrepreneurship, in addition to coverage of Business Law, and Government and Business.

Balanced evidence based and applied approach — Nickels has been updated to incorporate current business principles and practices both in Canada and globally, supported by pedagogy that is both engaging and applied. 'Getting to Know Business Professionals' profiles open the chapter and are perfect transitions to the chapter material, and when combined with Critical Thinking Questions, Developing Workplace Skills and Analyzing Management Decision boxes —students are encouraged to discuss and understand the chapter concepts. The six-part running case at the end of each text part provides realistic business scenarios based on a successful Canadian company — Fox 40 International Inc. Discussion questions encourage students to consider how the company has applied some of the concepts introduced in the text Part.

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