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by Walter Good, Wendy Mayhew

10th Edition Online resource
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Good/Mayhew, Building Your Dream brings a practical, hands-on approach to Small Business and Entrepreneurship. Good focuses on start-up versus managing a small business and walks the students through the fundamental 11-stage approach that is involved in starting a business. The students benefit from this `how to?, action-oriented approach. Students will understand what it takes to succeed in an entrepreneurial career from understanding the skills needed, to conducting a feasibility study; how to finance a new business, to completing a Business Plan by the end of the semester.
STAGE ONE: Assessing Your Potential for an Entrepreneurial Career 
STAGE TWO: Exploring Business Ideas and Opportunities 
STAGE THREE: Market Feasibility Study 
STAGE FOUR: Cost and Profitability Assessment 
STAGE FIVE: Business Plans 
STAGE SIX: Legal Considerations 
STAGE SEVEN: Financing Your Business and Accounting Practices 
STAGE EIGHT: Marketing 
STAGE TEN: Buying a Business 
STAGE ELEVEN: Buying a Franchise 
New to this Edition

Enhanced Connect Technology " Digitally Optimized!McGraw-Hill Connect?, an award winning digital teaching and learning platform, gives students the means to better connect with their coursework making learning personal, easy, and effective. Connect offers assignable material from end of chapter questions, quizzes and testbanks. Connect includes SmartBook?, the first and only adaptive reading experience that changes reading from a passive and linear experience, to an engaging and dynamic one. Students? retain more concepts and come to class better prepared.

NEW Connect Insight? - is a one of a kind visual analytics dashboard "available for instructors - that provides at-a-glance information on key insights about student performance that is immediately actionable. Information includes "How is my section doing?", "How are my students doing?", "How is this student doing?", "How are my assignments doing?", and "How is this assignment doing?"

New and Updated Opening Cases " highlighting successful entrepreneurs and their ideas

New and Updated Other Considerations boxes " boxes that highlight some additional material that is directly related to that `stage? in the entrepreneurial process.

New and Updated FYI boxes - (For Your Information) boxes that refer to websites that have supplementary materials specifically related to the topics discussed in that `stage?.

Many New and Updated `Entrepreneurs in Action? boxes illustrating how people are actually going about building their business and making things work on a day-to-day basis.

New and updated figures and tables to illustrate relevant ideas and concepts.

Retained Features

Organization " Good/Mayhew is divided into ?11 Stages? " each of which provides a descriptive overview of a topic, some conceptual material indicating the principal areas to be considered or evaluated, and a series of outlines, worksheets, checklists, and other forms that can be completed in conducting a comprehensive assessment of that stage in the new venture development process.

How-To Approach: This workbook style textbook has many checklists, self-assessment exercises, templates, resource lists, real-life profiles all reflect the practical orientation of this title, most of which are available in an interactive worksheets within Connect " and the robust and real business plan examples demonstrate the outcome of working through these stages.

Engaging and understandable approach: this well written, non-academic format is appropriate for a wide range of students with varying abilities and language skills who want to understand the fundamental stages involved in starting a business. Good/Mayhew is widely regarded as easy to read and organized in a logical progression.

Relevant and Current " Good/Mayhew covers emerging topics and reflects the current and changing Canadian business environment. Important and emerging topics such as expanding e-commerce, online business, franchising as part of a growth strategy, succession planning for family businesses, innovation, home- and web-based businesses, the realities of e-business, ethics and social responsibility, areas of future opportunities, service-based businesses, and updates on marketing, promotion, and competitive analysis.

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