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by David Myers, Steven Spencer, Christian Jordan

6th Edition Going Out of Publication Online resource
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Myers/Spencer/Jordan Social Psychology continues to lead the Canadian Social Psychology market because it delivers on readability, strong academic content, and an emphasis on culture. The hallmark feature is Myers' accessible storytelling approach which makes the writing engaging and the concepts easy-to-digest for students. The 6th edition offers 4 applied modules that highlight the relevance of the content to different high-interest fields, ie: peacekeeping, healthcare, the law, the environment.

The wealth of exercises found in Connect, McGraw-Hill's online learning resource, only bolsters Myers' ability to bring social psychology to life. Connect also offers SmartBook, the first and only adaptive reading experience that adjusts to each individual student based upon how they respond to the embedded LearnSmart questions. Connect provides personalized support to help improve student comprehension and engagement.

Chapter 1 Introducing Social Psychology


Chapter 2 The Self in a Social World

Chapter 3 Social Beliefs and Judgments

Chapter 4 Behaviour and Attitudes


Chapter 5 Persuasion

Chapter 6 Conformity

Chapter 7 Group Influence


Chapter 8 Altruism: Helping Others

Chapter 9 Aggression: Hurting Others

Chapter 10 Attraction and Intimacy: Liking and Loving Others

Chapter 11 Sources of Prejudice

Chapter 12 Consequences of Prejudice

MODULES: SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY APPLIEDModule A Social Psychology in Conflict and PeacemakingModule B Social Psychology in the ClinicModule C Social Psychology in CourtModule D Social Psychology and the Sustainable Future
New to this Edition

CONNECT - online teaching and learning program offers an eBook and a wealth of interactive learning tools proven to improve student grades and engagement. Connect for Hyde includes:
  • SmartBook powered by LearnSmart - First and only adaptive reading experience that adjusts to each individual student based upon how they respond to the embedded LearnSmart questions.
  • Interactive Assignments - premade activities are available to be assigned. These include- Concept Clips, Videos Activities, and Interactive Exercise modules, Labelling Exercises, Reading Quizzes, and more!

The Inside Story - The Behind the Research boxes have been thoroughly revised with more high-interest, contemporary, and Canadian research studies.

Retained Features

Proven Readability - The 6th edition retains the highly praised writing style known to effectively engage students and make complex concepts accessible.

Current Research - The text's extensive references, more than 2700 in total, have been thoroughly updated to include the most cutting-edge research in social psychology.

Integrated Coverage of Culture - Discussion of culture is integrated throughout where relevant.

Integrated Coverage of Gender - To reflect the broad impact of gender on behaviour, it is covered throughout in many subsections.

Strong Coverage of Social Cognitive Neuroscience - New developments in brain imaging and recording have provided a number of new insights that are reflected throughout the text.

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