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by David Myers, Steven Smith

4th Edition Going Out of Publication Online resource
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Exploring Social Psychology, 4th Canadian edition, aims to help student understand the 'why' of social behaviour through an emphasis on critical thinking and research. Myers/Smith is a brief introduction to social psychology, formatted into 24 modules. Each module is written in an engaging storytelling style and offers hands-on activities to engage students.

The wealth of exercises found in Connect, McGraw-Hill's online learning resource, only bolsters Myers' ability to bring social psychology to life. Connect also offers SmartBook, the first and only adaptive reading experience that adjusts to each individual student based upon how they respond to the embedded LearnSmart questions. Connect provides personalized support to help improve student comprehension and engagement.

PART ONE- Social Psychology: What Is It and How Do We Do It?

Module 1: Introduction to the Science of Social Psychology

Module 2: Methods in Social Psychology

PART TWO- Social Thinking

Module 3: Defining and Expressing the Self-Concept

Module 4: Self-Serving Bias

Module 5: Self-Efficacy

Module 6: Explaining Other People's Behaviour

Module 7: Heuristics and Errors in Reasoning

PART THREE- Social Influence

Module 8: Attitudes, Behaviour, and Compliance

Module 9: Conformity and Obedience

Module 10: Two Routes to Persuasion

Module 11: Resisting Social Influence

Module 12: How the Presence of Others Affects Our Behaviour

Module 13: How Groups Intensify Decisions

PART FOUR - Social Relations

Module 14: Understanding Aggression

Module 15: Defining Stereotypes, Prejudice, and Discrimination

Module 16: Causes of Stereotypes, Prejudice and Discrimination

Module 17: Conflict and Dispute Resolution

Module 18: Helping

Module 19: Interpersonal Attraction

Module 20: Romantic Relationships

PART FIVE - Applying Social Psychology

Module 21: Media and Social Behaviour

Module 22: Social Psychology and the Law

Module 23: Social Psychology and a Sustainable Future

Module 24: Social Psychology and Health

New to this Edition

CONNECT - online teaching and learning program offers an eBook and a wealth of interactive learning tools proven to improve student grades and engagement. Connect for Hyde includes:
  • SmartBook powered by LearnSmart - First and only adaptive reading experience that adjusts to each individual student based upon how they respond to the embedded LearnSmart questions.
  • Interactive Assignments - premade activities are available to be assigned. These include- Concept Clips, Videos Activities, and Interactive Exercise modules, Labeling Exercises, Reading Quizzes, and more!

Applying Social Psychology boxes expand on concepts presented in the text by highlighting engaging examples where theory and everyday life intersect.

Connections icons highlight the interconnected nature of many social psychology concepts. There are now references in the text to where a copy was referenced in other modules.

More Critical Thinking boxes - The number of Critical Thinking boxes has doubled. Each box briefly presents a issue and ask a pointed question to encourage analysis.

Summary of Key Points - At the end of each module, the previously the defined Learning Objectives are outlined and the key points are re-iterated underneath.

Retained Features

Engaging storytelling approach - The student-friendly writing style is enhanced through the focus on storytelling. The narrative engages students and helps explain the "why" behind social behaviour.

Accessible modular format - The 24 brief modules makes the 4th Cdn edition ideal for a 1 term course, and helps to make the content easy-to-digest for students.

Focus on Critical Thinking - Critical Thinking and Activity boxes are included throughout the text to prompt students to think critically about social psychology and their lives.

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