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by Charles W. L. Hill, G. Tomas M. Hult, Thomas Mckaig

5th Edition Online resource
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Hill/McKaig Fifth Canadian Edition integrates the Canadian perspective on international business and Canada's place within the international business environment.  The Fifth Edition presents realities and examples, that best portray the topical themes of the chapter. It pays close attention to small and medium-sized enterprises, who play a vital role in the Canadian economy, and who have also pushed onto the international business scene.
Chapter 1: Globalization  
Chapter 2: Country Differences in Political Economy 
Chapter 3: The Cultural Environment  
Chapter 4: Ethics in International Business  
Chapter 5: International Trade Theories  
Chapter 6: The Political Economy of International Trade  
Chapter 7: Foreign Direct Investment  
Chapter 8: Regional Economic Integration  
Chapter 9: The Foreign Exchange Market  
Chapter 10: The Global Monetary System  
Chapter 11: Global Strategy  
Chapter 12: Entering Foreign Markets  
Chapter 13: Exporting, Importing, and Countertrade  
Chapter 14: Global Marketing and R&D  
Chapter 15: Global Production, Outsourcing and Logistics  
Chapter 16: Global Human Resource Management 
New to this Edition

Enhanced Connect technology. The highly reliable, easy-to-use homework and learning management solution embeds learning science and award-winning adaptive tools to improve student results. New innovations for Hill/McKaig Connect include an enhanced student interface, mobile offline eBook, and improved accessibility.

Important Chapter Updates
  • Extensive re-writes of content and cases and sidebars have been undertaken for each chapter
  • New Opening Cases for all 16 Chapters
  • New and Updated Closing Cases " 11 Chapters have new closing cases

New and Updated Pedagogy and Problem Material
  • New `Debate the Issue? boxes " found in every chapter, these feature boxes offer arguments for and against complex international business issues " engaging students in critical thinking
  • New and Updated Feature boxes throughout all chapters. These boxes include " b>Country Focus provides real-world examples of issues different countries grapple with, Management Focus illustrate the relevance of the chapter concept to the practice of international business, Another Perspective boxes hone critical thinking skills for students along with a deeper understanding of topics.

Retained Features

Comprehensive & Up-to-Date Coverage - Global Business Today pays close attention to, and clearly communicates, key issues such as: how and why world countries differ; why a comprehensive review of economics and politics of international trade and investments is necessary in understanding international trade; how the functions and form of the global monetary system are tied to global trade and the special roles of an international business's activities.

Hill/McKaig has phased out older long-established theories and has updated with important newer works that are now covered in International Business programs " i.e. the new trade theory and strategic trade policy; the work of Nobel prize-winning economist Amartya Sen on economic development; recent empirical work by Jeffrey Sachs and others on the relationship between international trade and economic growth; Paul Samuelson's critique of free trade; and Samuel Huntington's influential thesis on the "clash of civilizations?.

All statistics and the most recent data have been updated along with new material that reflects recent academic work or important current events " i.e. the rise of anti-globalism and protectionism as displayed in the Trump administration and through the Brexit vote.

Engaging Approach - Hill/McKaig introduces students to International Business using clear and concise language and engaging examples that students may apply to their lives and future careers. Pedagogical features such as Cases, and numerous feature boxes (Management Focus, Country Focus, Another Perspective, Debate the Issue, and Implications for Business) help students to think critically about the material that has been presented, and to understand the linkage between practice and theory.

Unique pedagogical Research Tool - Using the text and the GlobalEDGE? Web site,, students solve realistic international business problems related to each chapter. These exercises expose students to the types of tools and data sources international managers use to make informed business decisions.

Award winning technology - McGraw-Hill Education's SmartBook adaptive reading and learning technology has been recognized by peers with a CODiE Award for "Best Learning Capacity-Building Solution? in the education technology category.

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